Arctic in 20 years will be completely ice-free in summer

Multi-year ice in the Arctic will completely disappear in the next 20 years, and polar waters can not cross the ice-breakers, but in winter, the Arctic Ocean will freeze for many hundreds of years, according to a professor at Cambridge University Vadams Peter (Peter Wadhams), quoted by the newspaper Mail Online .

"Most of the perennial ice ceases in the next decade, and after 20 years, the Arctic will be completely open in the summer … However, first-year ice would cover the Arctic Ocean each winter for many hundreds of years," — said Vadams, quoted at message.

According to Vadamsa when it happens, in the summer it will be possible to cross the Arctic from the Bering Strait to the Atlantic without icebreaker assistance.

Similar findings scientist made based on data collected by members of the scientific community Catlin Arctic Survey in the spring of this year, during the expedition to the northern part of the Beaufort Sea. As reported by scientists, almost all of the ice on a route length of about 450 kilometers were a year old, while the waters of this traditionally belonged to the dissemination of multi-year ice.

"Very soon will need to take the Arctic Ocean as a seasonally ice-free sea ice … Mankind has removed" cover "from the northern part of the world and we will not be able to put it back," — said Vadams.

In March, NASA scientists based on satellite monitoring revealed that Arctic perennial sea ice is melting faster than annuals, not having time to grow ever shorter season of ice formation. According to them, from 1980 to the present time of year ice area decreases at a rate of 15.1% per decade, and the long-term — 17.2% over the same period.

In March last year, experts from the National Information Center for Snow and Ice (NSIDC) U.S. reported that Arctic sea ice continues to "younger" in March 2011 to the ice age of about one to two years accounted for 80% of the total ice cover, while in 1980 -2000, the figure was an average of 55%.


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