Arrows sadistic killing dogs paralytic poison

For some — love and care for others — a place to hunt. Residents of two suburban towns to the police with complaints of unknown flayers who shoot stray dogs. Destruction is the most brutal way: shooting nerve charges that bring enormous suffering to animals. And the object of the hunt, in both cases chosen are dog packs, which have long been under the care of local residents and are not dangerous to others.
Indifferent to the fate of homeless animals resident Natalia Lakotosh Dimitrov took patronage over this bunch of 5 years ago. She made all the dogs vaccinated against rabies, sterilized, the dogs have names, and some even a passport. They live far away from the crowded streets and houses near the warehouse, that is does not hurt and certainly no one else is attacked.
However, the behavior of Smyrna did not prevent dogs from death. Someone took them to shoot. Regularly and mercilessly. On the outskirts of Dmitrov has come as hunting. Fired from shotguns capsules with nerve poison. It is a slow and painful death.
"It causes generalized convulsions of all the muscles of the body. So cramps, which paralyze the whole body during the day," — explains Natalia Lakotosh.
Something similar is happening now and in Ramenskoye. Active extermination of stray dogs here began with the end of last year. Those who care for Dogs, there was suspicion in Moscow wields a whole gang of flayers.
Olga c girlfriend after one of these "raids" miracle mongrel came out, take some time and money on treatment. But several animals died. Arrows often pointed at his head.
"I seek — not far from here is a dog. Already killed. Hear howling — in another place is our Ellochka with a bullet in the head" — Olga Kaliyeva.
"I'm hard, I love animals. I think this mess" — complains Grishnyakova Margarita.
The fact that for some — lawlessness, for others — or more fun — a hobby.
Residents Ramenkoe experiencing now is not just for dogs. In all cases, the shooting was carried out during the week in the daytime. That is, the bullet could easily hurt a passerby or even a child — last month fired near the school. Including why people decide to write a statement to the police.
Complaints to the local was on location shooting the dog to leave, at least according to official reports, investigative team. Audited on the basis of which it was somehow made the decision not to prosecute.
"Compliance is checked by precinct, operatives. Were interviewed residents. Eye-witnesses were not. We even appealed through the media, asked to respond, if anyone was a witness. And did not identify the persons who did it" — says Tatiana Muravyov Press Secretary for UCD Ramensky metro area.
According to estimates of the locals in Ramenskoye last month killed so two dozen homeless dogs. Dmitrov figure a little less. Are there in all these cases the same people — hard to say. While none of their search took seriously.

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