Aspen: due to problems with the certification have spent a lot of nerves

[Img =] On Thursday, the football club "Rostov" returned from Turkey, where he spent his final training session before the start of the championship of Russia. As it turned out, the last stage of preparation was marred for Rostovites epidemic of colds, vybivshey of the training process of several players, among whom was the club captain Michael aspen. [Cut] — In Turkey, we are sick five people — said Osinov correspondent "", — and I seem to have simply picked up the infection, resulting in missed about five days of collection. Coaches were probably not very happy with this course of events, because their players one by one dropped out of the preparatory process, even though the final assembly team is usually determined with the basic composition. By the way, as far as I know, even Oleg Dolmatov little unwell. [B] — Despite the cold epidemic sweeping the team, what are the results of the Turkish collection? [/ B] — I think the results leave much to be desired, because we were hoping to see a performance of "Rostov" at the last assembly that game, which aim to show in the upcoming season . On the other hand, the fees are always only charges — friendly matches during the pre-season can not be compared with the national championship fights. In this regard, I think that we are pretty well prepared for the national championship. — [B] What is commendable readiness team for the start of the season? [/ B] — Did chetverochku on a five-point scale, and the team is ready — basically, a certain result, which demanded from us coaches, we have achieved. Knowingly Oleg Dolmatov thanked the players for a job at the end of the collection, having shown some satisfaction for the results. [B] — In the last friendly match "Rostov" lost capital's "Spartacus" (0:2). Despite your words to essential distinction matches at the training camp and matches in the Russian Premier League, this game will surely disappoint you? [/ B] — Of course, it was very unpleasant. In addition, it was a test match before the start of the national championship, which would play a lot better. However, putting aside the rule of "forgettable game, the score is", you'll notice: we are in no way gave way to "Spartacus", which is well used his two points in 90 minutes of the match. However, I must admit: we desirable to play better. [B] — Perhaps highlight some game lines that need to do better? [/ B] — If the move to define our problem areas in the game, then you can safely include low level of performance, over the entire preseason last period, we have not scored in gate of his sparring partners more than two goals. Of course, I would like to create more scoring situations in front of goal and, accordingly, improve the ratio of goals scored. [B] — To solve this problem the club and signed a contract with forward Igor Lebedenco … [/ b] — Yes, and we all hope to get in the face of Igor pile forward. "Rostov" has never been famous for a huge number of dangerous moments in front of goal, and therefore we would like to wish Lebedenco most effectively implement their own chances. We are able to create a couple of chances to score situations, so that, hopefully, will be able to realize them, Igor (smiles). [B] — Not so long ago, "Rostov" was threatened with removal from the tournament of the Russian Premier League in view of the debts owed to their players. As interpreted this news? [/ B] — Sure, it was a pleasant enough, since we were the only club that has been attested in the Premier League on the last day. Nervous all: management, administration, football players … The press wrote all that we can be in the UFC tournament. [B] — hard to imagine how after a hard return to the elite once again descend to a lower division. [/ B] — You bet! To be honest, I subconsciously assumed absence of such effects — leadership somehow found a way out of the situation — but we spent a lot of nerves. I am glad that the club was able to resolve the issue and give us a chance to take part in the Premier League. [B] — In the first round of the championship you have to visit to Perm in the game with "Amkar". Last year's success of your opponent in the national championship (fourth place — Comm. DB) pretty surprised? [/ B] — There is no doubt. Last year's "Amkar" became a sensation for the whole of Russian football — like one of the provincial teams, which, if they win, they do so only in native walls … But, no, "Amkar" was no difference where to play, what the house that check-out. But this year, in Perm a new coach and I must confess I have no idea about the current "Amkar". [I] Denis Byalkin for [/ i]

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