Astronomical spring comes with good weather

Astronomical spring will come to Belarus on 21 March, but night frosts are reminded of last winter.

Astronomical spring will come to Belarus on March 21 at 1.21. As director of the observatory said BSU Algirdas Grasshopper sun moving along the ecliptic, will move from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere. Earth will take a position in relation to it, that the rays will fall steeply to the equator. On the vernal equinox, the sun rises due east and sets exactly in the west. At this time in the southern hemisphere occurs astronomical autumn.

"On this day on Earth duration of day and night is the same, if a rigorous mathematical approach. In fact now a day still a long night, "- said Algirdas Grasshopper.

He also noted that in some cultures, such as the Persians, this day is associated with the New Year. Algirdas Grasshopper reminded that it was a Persian poet, mathematician, philosopher and astronomer Omar Khayyam in the XI century, offered a simple and accurate astronomical calendar. Omar Khayyam project was approved and became the basis of the Iranian calendar, which operates in Iran as an official from 1079.

Meanwhile, the end of the first month of spring, which our ancestors called "March — protalnik." And adds — "March is not spring, and pre-spring", "frost skrepuch in March, but not searing."

It is believed that the frequent fogs in March herald a rainy summer and dry in March — to fertility, and rainy — to crop failure.

According Belgidromettsentr, Scandinavian anticyclone, which recently supported in Belarus cloudy cool weather, retreats further east into Russia. This weekend, the weather conditions in the country will form an inactive atmospheric front, shifting from the territory of Poland.

On Sunday, March 20, will remain unstable weather. At night, in most parts of the country, mainly in the afternoon in the eastern half of the expected short-term precipitation (sleet, rain). Night and morning fog in some areas. Wind south with the transition to the north-western moderate. Thermometers will show at night -5 .. +2 ° C during the day +1 .. +7 ° C, on the south-east of Gomel region in places up to +9 ° C.

On Monday, March 21, Belarus is over the vast influence of an anticyclone formed in the British Isles and has shifted to Central Europe. Weather again improve. In many areas of the country rainfall is not expected, but at night in the south-east still remain short of snow. Wind northwest, western moderate. Thermometer readings at night fall to -2 .. -9 ° C by mid-afternoon March sun warms the air to +3 .. +8 ° C, the west to +10 ° C.

Forecasters urged to be careful — at night and in the morning some parts of roads are slippery.

While not surprised by his March weather. Average monthly temperature (normal) of this month, according to observations Belgidromettsentra from 0,7 ° C in the south-west to -3,3 ° C in the north-east and 4-5 ° higher than in February.

Over the entire period of meteorological observations in Belarus was exceptionally warm in March 2007 with an average monthly air temperature +5,2 ° C, which is 6,8 ° C above normal. Before this was considered the warmest March 1990, when the average monthly temperature was +4,4 ° C (with the climate norm -1,6 ° C).

The coldest in Belarus in March occurred in 1952, in which the average monthly air temperature dropped to -9,0 ° C. Absolute monthly maximum air temperature recorded in Lelchitsy March 19, 1990, which is equal to +23,1 ° C, and the absolute monthly minimum recorded in Zhlobin March 8, 1964 — 38,0 ° C.

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