At an air show in Germany biplane crashed into the mass

At an air show in Germany biplane crashed into a crowdOn Airshow in southern Germany broke the catastrophe in Lauf near Nuremberg, one man died about 40 injured when a rare biplane moved from the runway and crashed into spectators. British vintage bookcase "Tiger Moth" overclock for take-off, but at one point went sharply to the right and rammed people, reports NTV.

Killed 46-year-old lady, she came under the propeller blades. Two 10-ka spectators brought to the clinic, with five — with languid injuries. Other injured are not unsafe, according to the doctors, they are in a state of strongest shock of what he saw. As reported by NTV, the pilot was not injured — the pilot and his biplane actually the same age, both about 70. What was the premise of disaster: a decent age of the machine or its pilot, currently recognized expert.

The biggest crash at the air show took place in Ukraine in Lviv in 2002. During a demonstration flight at the 60th anniversary celebrations of the 14th Air Corps over the airfield Sknyliv fighter Su-27 fell to the ground. 77 killed man, about 300 were wounded.

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