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In Gomel regional forum of democratic organizations were 7 potential presidential candidates — Yuri Glushakov, Gregory Kastusyou, Alexander Milinkevich, Ales Mikhalevich, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Vitaly Rymashevsky, Nikolai Statkevich.

This attention is due to the region including the position of local activists. Stated that if there is a single candidate from the democratic forces, the Gomel will not run for president or anyone of the candidates.

The chairman of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Vasily Polyakov:

"It was interesting to organize this meeting in the framework of the forum, to first-hand the activists of democratic institutions had heard that the candidates are going to do if they are going to join or go to the polls in separate columns, as far as they are willing to work for the democratization of Belarus, not personal ambition."

A possible candidate for the presidency Mikhalevich said radio "Freedom":

"I — a very tranquil. I do not like ultimatums. Position the Gomel democratic forces sounded like an ultimatum — if you do not agree, we will not work.'m Sure that I and some other candidates in Gomel collect many signatures, despite this position."

Mikhalevich, by the way, one of the applicants in the present candidates, said he was willing to work for Milinkevich, if there is an agreement on unity.

Milinkevich himself finds it unacceptable for yourself to participate in any kastsingah like "Come on, boys!" Yes, the competition should be, but given the fact that the applicant and did know how to do that:

"Honestly, I have a problem is the different purposes that put people. One wants to strengthen the organization to another — to raise your rating. There are probably other reasons. And here it is very difficult to get up and think about Belarus. And one more thing. I it seems that the candidates have started playing politics. know, the best people here are — I respect them all, each in his own way, even though we argue. Yet, when you go for the presidency, it is necessary to think about how you would react to the people. But people should choose us! A very important to them — and what a man can? Where work? What hit? And can a successful director of the factory all of us will benefit because people say he has managerial experience, he has organized something, achieved something. "

Statkevich generally believes that now is not so much important program candidates as unity of action. In democratic forces have a chance to:

"We all know what would have been a candidate who is not, no matter what program it is not raspisav for the electorate, given your sensible comments in the end will come Yarmoshina and without waiting for the election finally counting, say, about 85 per cent. This is what question. And this is perhaps meant Gomel activists when demanded unity, a common candidate.
I believe that we have a chance to win. Because peraspela this situation, because every politician is a season, and Mr Lukashenko has just touches, he took out everyone. "

The forum also invited Nyaklyayeu and Andrei Sannikov, but neither they nor their representatives have not come to Gomel.

Acts Milinkevich

Gregory speaks Kastusyou

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