At the air base SOUTH army aviation, put new helicopters, Mi-35

At the air base SOUTH army aviation, put the newest helicopters Mi-35

At the air base SOUTH (South Military District), Army Air Corps, which is located in the Stavropol region, received 2-a new helicopter type E-35. These war machines were set based on the framework of the state defense order, and made them the plant "ROSTVERTOL."

By the way, in December, a certain portion of the flight personnel airbase had already retrained at the factory, which is located in the city of Rostov-on-Don, the management of this type of helicopter. In coming to teach management E-35, military pilots association air defense and air SOUTH, will be the focus of combat deployment and re-training of flight crews and military aviation, which is available in Tozhok (Tver region).

It is clear that in 2011, within the framework of the state defense order, the association of air defense and air force SOUTH just received more than 20 new and upgraded helicopters, and more than 10 aircraft.

It should be noted that helicopter, type E-35, is an improved version of the upgraded E-24. It is designed to eliminate the enemy troops and armored vehicles, fire support to troops and units of the Army, transportation of goods, as on the outside of the suspension, and in the cockpit, and to evacuate the wounded.
In addition, the said helicopter has night vision devices, thermal imaging surveillance system that enables round the clock to identify and detect any objects from a distance of more than 4 km. And besides, helicopter acquired the latest modern satellite navigation system.

Armament includes a helicopter rockets, such as the C-24 (caliber 240-mm), C-8 (caliber 80 mm) anti-tank missiles, such as "Storm-In" machine guns: 2-a — 7.62 mm , and 1-n — 12.7 mm grenade launcher (30 mm caliber), and also a bomb, whose weight is between 50 and 500 kilograms.

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