At the British nuclear submarine tragedy

On the British nuclear submarine accidentOn the English strategic nuclear submarine "Vigilant" occurred tragedy after the school run a ballistic missile from a submerged position. The incident occurred off the coast of the South American state of Florida at the end of October this year, but this became clear only at the moment, reports "Interfax" referring to the Web site of the English newspaper Daily Express.

On 23 October, the submarine was successfully performed a training launch of a ballistic missile "Trident". Then Submarine went to the naval base, "Clyde" in Scotland, but on the way she broke down vertical steering wheel.

At the current time the submarine undergoing repairs at the U.S. naval base "Kingsbey" in the state of Georgia. Meanwhile, one of the crew of the submarine wrote on his page on Twitter, that he was "stuck in the U.S. for Christmas."

The representative of the Ministry of Defence of England confirmed that vertical U-boat steering wheel is out of order. "In the vertical wheel appeared to breakdown when"Vigilant"Vorachivalas to England after the successful launch of the missile without a warhead" Trident II-D5 ", — he said and added that" it's not rocket tragedy, boat no danger to the crew went to the port where the survey is conducted fault. "

Previously, nuclear Submarine "Vigilant"Come full repair at the shipyard in Plymouth, which lasted three years. His price was almost 570 million dollars. During the repair work on the submarine was found modernized military equipment, also replaced the reactor core.

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