At the international doctrine Rimpak Pacific Fleet ships against air attack Canadian Air Force

At the international doctrine "Rimpak" Pacific Fleet ships against air attack Canadian Air Force

In the square of the operational doctrine detachment of combat ships of the Pacific Fleet (PF OCB) was directed in part formed a joint order with the ships of the Navy (Navy), the United States, which received the name of 170 task force. A parallel course with the LMC were South American Pacific Fleet ships — the destroyer "Port Royal", the watchdog ship "Bertholf" and the frigate "Gary."

While driving at a given point connection has fulfilled combat maneuvering and reflection simulated enemy air attack. The plan exercises international detachment was attacked by the Canadian Air Force. F-18 jets made a massive raid in pairs and in groups on separate ships warrant. Distinguished gunners Pacific Fleet. They are among the first to have found the air "enemy" and performed his conditional settlement.

On the way to the area of artillery firing ocean tug "Photios Wings" took over towing the frigate "Gary" conditionally lost speed. Other ships conducted exercises codenamed "Leapfrog" with elements of joint maneuvering and overtaking each other. After which they were carried out simultaneous two-hour artillery firing at sea targets.

In the next day or two ships will conduct resupplying wakefield method and will continue to exercise on landing Inspection teams with helicopters.

International exercise "Rimpak" are usually held in the 23 times with an interval of one to two years, but the Russian ships to take part in their first time. In the exercise involved 45 ships and vessels of different classes, 100 aircraft, participates more than 20 thousand troops from 22 countries of the world.

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