At the landfill again exploded

At the landfill again exploded

Disposal of munitions in Russia and Ukraine is converted to a string of deadly fireworks

On Saturday, July 3, at the site at 9 kilometers from the town of Byisk in the Altai region, a massive explosion. Kamaz took off into the air with a load of gunpowder and defective ammunition, which had to be disposed of forces FSUE "Bijsk Production Association" Sibpribormash. " An explosion killed six people, four of whom — civil. At the site of the explosion and the investigation team is working miners, neutralizing unexploded ammunition.

Regional Unit UPC Russia declares that two of those killed — the officers of the Siberian Military neighborhood. "July 3, 2010 near the village of Verhkatunskoe in Biysk Altai region in the production of works of ammunition disposal at the landfill area of one of the military units of the Siberian military neighborhood of the explosion occurred," — said in a statement posted on July 5, on the website of Ministry.

The Military Investigation Department Bijskogo garrison has opened a criminal investigation into the incident, told RIA "News" on Mon assistant military prosecutor of the Siberian Military Vladimir Makarov neighborhood. "In fact the incident a criminal case under part 3 of Article 216 of the Criminal Code (violation of safety rules during mining, operation or other work which negligently caused death 2-or more persons)," — said Makarov. This article provides for up to 7 years in prison.

Families of the deceased employees' Sibpribormash "pay 600 thousand rubles, told reporters, representatives of the association. As for the two remaining victims, it is still unclear who and how much to pay compensation to their families. Now the military confirmed dead only the 1st officer. In addition, officials from the Ministry of Defence denies that the ground on which the state of emergency came, the army belongs. According to the military establishment, ground really belonged to one of the earlier parts of the army, but now is not the balance of the Defense Ministry.

Maybe the fact that in the process of military reform in potentially unsafe object, which is ground, there was a civilian owner, could impact on the state of security work. But it is still not clear, experts say. "The fact that in Russia there are such times of emergency, does not depend on the form of accessories or other polygon, and the degree of the existing mess — it can be and in the structures of the Ministry of Defense, and in private companies — said in an interview with columnist" SP "Alexander Hramchihin, department head of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis. — In general, in the world vserasprostraneny various schemes disposal of ammunition: there are those engaged in military structures, somewhere private company. Safety during the disposal of ammunition does not depend on it. "

Recall that last year in Russia have already occurred such an emergency. Most recently, in late June, at the site in Ulyanovsk exploded recyclable ammunition, which undermine the campaign from June 23 after last year's tragedy at a military arsenal in this town. Two soldiers were hospitalized, fortunately, while there were no casualties. Dispose of all ammunition in Ulyanovsk plan until December 1.

Some time ago, on June 23, two trucks of gunpowder exploded at the site in the Ryazan region. Died one soldier has received 23 injured, all of them were reported to have been conscripts. Gunpowder in such cases is for the detonation of obsolete ammunition.

A naikrupneyshee in recent years this kind of incident occurred during a fire at the 31st Navy arsenal in Ulyanovsk on 30 November 2009. Then, killing two soldiers and a month at the clinic died on one of the workers of the military enterprise. The total number of victims reached 60 people. November 23, the same place when loading collected on the ground after a fire arsenal of ammunition detonated one of shells. As a result, submerged in the car exploded ammunition, killing eight soldiers, two others were hospitalized.

Recall that the problem of disposal of large arsenals of weapons of accumulated throughout the twentieth century, based on the world-wide war, the world is one of the more sensitive to the military departments. So, a lot of money to undermine the old shells are spent by all the NATO countries, the United States first. On the expenditure incurred by the Army for ammunition disposal, are not reported, but the number of destroyed missiles to the United States tens of thousands, and ammunition — hundreds of thousands.

The introduction of these cartridges, including the sale of decommissioned weapons a civilian population (in the U.S. legalized civilian firearm) is not practiced: it is not acceptable for safety judgments, since the effect of such munitions unpredictable.

The increased attention paid international military structures under their control arsenals of the "Third World." So, for 5 years of being NATO troops in Afghanistan, the allies killed about 3,000 shells and 10's of thousands of different cartridges — officially became the premise is the same danger for storage.

In Europe, the destruction of stockpiles of some states — priemuschestvenno, former Russian countries — contributes to the OSCE: in throughout the 2000s under the auspices of this organization are destroyed stockpiles Russian 14th Army left our defense on the ground of Moldova and Transdniestria.

As for Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, Western countries are not directly intervene in the problem of unsafe destruction of obsolete stockpiles. As a result of the ammunition of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in particular on some stocks are stable-dangerous for the people around them and the state of the buildings.

The most striking example of such an arsenal can serve as military depots in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine (Novobogdanovka): in fact, every year there is a fire, as a result of which not only destroyed themselves repository, and the movement is interrupted by rail, which is near. Some experts believe that these fires allow procurers military depots to debit the account and sell on the side part of the ammunition.

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