At the landfill will Vaziani Georgian-American exercises

At the landfill will Vaziani Georgian-American exercisesNear Tbilisi, on the range Vasiani, from 10 to 24 March there will be a joint exercise of the 4th Infantry Brigade of the Ministry of Defence Georgia and Marines U.S. «Agile Spirit — 2012". It yesterday said the South American embassy in Georgia.

According to the disk imaging, acquired from the embassy in joint exercises will involve above three hundred U.S. Marines rotating Black Sea forces. The base of these military forces posted in the town of Constanta (Romania).

The purpose of the exercise began — to establish the comparability of the armed forces Georgia and the U.S. (the information of "Interfax").

These exercises — yearly. Another permanent part of the Georgian-US military cooperation is also the implementation of programs from training the Georgian military housing Marines United States — to the role of the Georgian peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan.

The Black Sea forces consist of the South American Marines Corps. Their service is built on the principle of rotation: the Balkans, the Black Sea and the Caucasus. These forces are cooperating with partner countries to assist them in the development and strengthening of military stability. About this report embassy USA Georgia.

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