At the planned meeting in Turkey to recognize the Syrian opposition can officially

At the planned meeting in Turkey to recognize the Syrian opposition can officially
Completely may be that in a subsequent meeting in Turkey, Arab and Western countries have officially recognized Syrian State Council — the main opposition movement in Damascus.

As said on Friday evening minister Tunisian Foreign Minister Rafik Abdesalem, who presided over the conference "Group of Friends of Syria", half way already passed, and Turkey could be completed the rest. As reported in the press, the second forum "friends" planned for 3 weeks in Istanbul.

Head Tunisian Foreign Minister stressed that the participants of the meeting in Tunisia as a whole supported the initiative of the Arab League to establish joint forces of the Arab countries and the UN to stop the violence in Syria. True, it is noted that this thesis is somehow not included in the final communiqué of the conference.

The forum "Group of Friends of Syria" in Tunisia were represented unchanged UN Security Council members, not including the Russian Federation and China, then the country — members of the Arab League and, in the end, the EU countries (ITAR-TASS).

The invitation to this forum and received Syrian Council of State — and this despite the fact that the organization of the world's betrothed society is not officially recognized. It should be noted that in a meeting of Syrian "friends" are not representatives of the Government of Syria.

As said Rafik Abdesalem this conference send a clear message to stop the atrocities in Syria. "We need to protect the Syrian people, and to keep his dignity," — said minister.

Syrian as the Council of State, as stated by him head Burhan Latrine, was disappointed with the fruits of the meeting "friends." Chapter SNA said: "This conference of the aspirations of the Syrian people. "

And here's another one "but" for the SNA. Besides the fact that the Syrian opposition is not officially adopted at the conference vpribavok was not announced on the supply of weapons and its formations. But at the last meeting with the Municipal Secretary Hillary Clinton, Saudi minister of foreign affairs directly supported the supply of weapons SNA. He put it this way: "Arming the Syrian opposition — a good idea!"

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al-Thani, the foreign minister of Qatar, has put forward a proposal for the formation of the military contingent of Arab States. Task it would be to create so-called humanitarian corridors in Syria. And the decision to the corridors of the conference is also not accepted. All of the "deferred" proposals will see at the next meeting of the "Group of Friends of Syria" in Turkey — three weeks later.

It should be noted also that the Saudi foreign affairs minister Saud al-Faisal, together with his accompanying delegation left the meeting of the Syrian "friends." According to the delegation, as they protested against the "inefficiency" of the conference.

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