At the rallies will catch recruits

At the rallies will catch recruitsMoscow's military conscription will open a real "open season" on recruits evaders in the coming May prazdnichkom dedicated days of Victory. Agenda will be given to those young people who are detained and taken to the Department of Internal Affairs for the offenses in the period from 6 to 9 May. About this newspaper "Arguments and Facts", with reference to the draft board member of the 1st of the metropolitan areas.

According to the publication, the service will call not only Moscow, and visitors to the capital. It is also reported that individuals who already have gained 27 years, will be put off for military training than those who have participated in them in the past 3 years.

The operation itself is kept in real time in an atmosphere of serious privacy. But it is clear that it will use the largest number of employees metropolitan military offices. Caught violators will deliver to remote regions of — the North Caucasus, Siberia and Baikal. If they then decide to leave the part without permission, they could face a prison sentence of up to six years, according to Article 337 of the Criminal Code.

It should be noted that the risk to take the recruits to the service again grew out the fact that in May prazdnichkom in Moscow is expected immediately several protests to mark the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Recall the Moscow authorities have allowed the opposition to hold meeting on Bolotnaya Square. The march will begin at the Big Yakimanka to continue on Polyanke Large and Small Stone Bridge to the Swamp, where to go smoothly meeting. The path length, which will the opposition is about a kilometer. Permitted to carry out the entire event time — from 16:00 to 19:30.

On the same day the Popular Front, made under the patronage of Vladimir Putin, will mark the anniversary of the creation of its own mass rally supporters on Poklonnaya Hill. The organizers promise to bring in as members 50 thousand people.

How reminiscent of NTV, metropolitan draft boards have already promised to catch evaders recruits ahead of opposition rally which held on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow on December 10, 2011. Then the detainees were not, the agenda so no one got it.

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