At the T-50 is tested AFAR

At the T-50 is tested AFARUntil the end of the year will be commenced flight testing the third fighter T-50, Curb board radar (radar) with an active phased array (AFAR). The plans told Alex Poveshchenko office worker "dry." Radar with active array, consisting VMIRS (highly automated functional integrated radio-electronic system) Fighter T-50, developed in NIIP them. V.V.Tihomirova. During the MAKS 2009 and 2011, the years of exposure to the NIIP could behold the standards of seasoned radar systems.

During the MAKS-2011 on board of the Institute tested experienced standards AFAR T-50. Initially, during the 2-years later the year. In 2011 bench tests was third experienced model the system has AFAR. Following the acceptance tests it was set to the third ace T-50-3. Preparation of the third standard PAC for flight tests currently ends at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur. At the end of the test flight of T-50-3 is planned involvement of radar giving birth to working off of radar equipment in the avionics fighters. NIIP developers do not hide the difficulties to be overcome during the creation of the radar AFAR with the use of Russian electrical component base. The development of the production base comes with difficulties in particular with regard to the production of transceiver modules.

I should add that VMIRS fighter has 5 radar stations. In developing and testing the value given to the front phased array antenna and its integration with other aircraft systems. In radar AFAR many new modes of operation, which in the Russian practice will be applied for the first time.

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