At the trials in the Navy revealed severe shortcomings of foreign sniper rifles

At the trials in the Navy revealed serious shortcomings of foreign sniper rifles

The commander of the Airborne Forces, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov said the severe shortcomings of foreign sniper rifles, which are identified in the Marines time testing of this weapon in the army.

In an interview with "Russian newspaper" posted on May 16, General Shaman said: "Once our snipers have been trained in the Navy was passed to testing of 20 foreign-made sniper rifles. We tried them all weather criteria. Along with the benefits of our tool to reveal brought in from other countries and samples significant flaws. zabugornom rifle in the cold to stone on the sand cease fire. "

We are talking about sniper rifles Austrian steyr mannlicher. It has been reported that 30 of these rifles at the end of 2011 entered service special forces and intelligence units of the airborne troops.

Troopers "again made sure that simplicity — this is a common dignity of Russian weapons, which should be cherished." "But, obviously, is not to the detriment of quality" — said the Shaman. Recently time "There is a huge progress in the development of tools that increase the effectiveness of automatic weapons." "For example, there was a thermal imager," Shaheen, "became better the collimator sights, the whole range of optics," — said the Shaman.

Just Airborne Troops commander said about the introduction of troops automation tools that make up the elements of the "Flight-K." It will allow to significantly reduce the time to explore, search and transfer target indications. With the result that the accuracy and efficiency increment destruction by fire.

Shamans noted that arms factories in Izhevsk and Tula is upgrading machinery equipment, which create small tool, which work in the Navy. "Now we are waiting that their products will make significantly better fighting properties that will allow the substitution of old times start Dragunov sniper rifles," — said the Shaman.

The general said that "the need to have a chain Infantry Kalashnikov is not lost." "After a number of improvements, it has and will have its own niche in the field. Another issue is that the army has a long guns in store itself, more machines is not necessary yet. Faster need to upgrade the existing standards."

Since the beginning of 2012 on the basis of the Pskov Airborne Division Airborne army pass the tests of a new thermal sight, "Shaheen", made on the basis of an uncooled microbolometer array.

Sight "Shahin" integrates the automated command and control and has a video output, allowing use a helmet-mounted display for firing from the shelter.

Block processing power of sight enables us to introduce ballistics for 7 types of guns, also enter the horizontal and vertical correction in time shooting. This function allows you to bring guns to a normal battle on one type of weapon and then use sight other types. To do this, the shooter need only to input electrical manner befitting ballistics.

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