At the zoo in front of the children ate lion giraffe

The Kaliningrad zooprake occurred series of scandalous stories.
At the city's zoo over for dozens of residents of Kaliningrad psychological trauma. Parents with children saw manicured cages cruel scene from the life of wildlife — lion devouring a dead giraffe.

Shots hit the Internet, and immediately flashed around the zoo scandal. And is not the first this year. Versed in the history of NTV correspondent Veronika Nikolaeva.

Pensioner Tatiana Panina often granddaughter to the zoo. Little Dasha every time happily enters the world of animals. Fed birds, photographed stormy bear. When stopped at the cage with predators, what he saw shocked. Lion in front of the visitors ate a baby giraffe. Mothers of children in the rush diverted from the cell.

Tatiana Panina, zoo visitors, "I understand that it is natural. But when children see clog a cat or dog, it's scary to be honest. "

Witnesses bloody scenes from the life of wildlife immediately posted photos on the Internet. Stormy scandal erupted. It turned out that the newborn giraffe died immediately after birth. Overlooked the female and cub drowned amniotic fluid. The body decided to feed the lions. The director explains, it is a common practice for many zoos. In Kaliningrad, according to Natalia Grishina, there is even a specially grown live food — rodents and chicks. They, for example, enjoys a snake.

Nataliya Grishina, and. about. Director of Kaliningrad zoo: "There is a concept of" live feed. " Need it to natural instinct not lost. Checked that the meat is normal. By decision of the Deputy Director for zoovetchasti, zhirafenka given feed the lions. But, of course, nonsense that our visitors have seen it. "

Townspeople such explanations are not convinced. Leadership of Russia's oldest and was once famous throughout Europe for the zoo reminded all the ills befall pets recently. A year ago, stray dogs to an oversight personnel bitten several deer, goat and Cameroonian pregnant female llama. Then the staff was not sent in time for surgery universal favorite hippo Glyasika refused shelter pups.

But most of all Kaliningradians shocked news of the mass death of animals at the end of this summer. A month ago, the zoo has lost several of their pets. Suddenly died seven kangaroos, pygmy hippo and buffalo.

Animal lovers have sounded the alarm and called for urgent to find the perpetrators. Enthusiasts have even created their own fund protection Kaliningrad Zoo. Its leaders believe that animals are dying because of the negligence of staff.

Olga Zagartdinova, Kaliningrad Zoo Defense Fund: "As far as I know, the female was left in the pen. At this time the night temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celsius. For giraffes, of course, it's cold. That's the result. "

Leaders zoo said that the case of a small giraffe unit, and not all the dead pets fed predators. At the entrance hung a bright poster. She painted animals are invited to visit on holiday. But the usual line at the cash register is not — a favorite place of parents with children while bypassed.

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