Attacked a South American soldiers on Afghan civilians? (Der Spiegel, Germany)

Charges of war can destroy the sins of America style

Five American fighter are accused of committing war crimes. They are suspected of premeditated murder of Afghan civilians. The growing scandal puts at risk the style of the American abroad and discredit the trial of President Barack Obama to draw a line under the abuses of the Bush era that will be remembered.

He boasted of his "illegal businesses" in Iraq and how a South American fighter otmazatsya from virtually anything, when there is a war. Twenty-five Sergeant Colvin Gibbs (Calvin Gibbs) — a native of Montana and the owner of the highest rank in the middle of the five soldiers, nicknamed, is said to have "a team of assassins." Gibbs was in Iraq for a long time and knew how to make a memory for associates. In December, he said to them — you just throw a grenade, and Afghans will die. It seems that the first grenade thrown in January.

Now they will be judged by a court in Seattle. The five — the youngest nineteen, the oldest 20 nine years — served in the 2nd Infantry Division, located in the Kandahar area. They blame the sins of war, including the murder of the preparatory agreement itself little three civilians in Afghanistan. Another seven fighter from their battalion are accused of involvement in the conspiracy and attempts to conceal its existence. Maybe even murderers executed.

At stake is the reputation of America

Of course, the Yankees all have reason to worry. It is not clear how serious the charges, but it may be that this matter will thunder across the country.

It's not just the fact that the Tribunal declared the just punishment for the brutal murder, and not just in the fact that they may keep the military code of honor and the Geneva Convention. At stake is the reputation of the country, which, after eight years of the administration of former President George W. Bush has intended to wash away the blame for the moral decay. Moreover, the Seattle case the important issue — whether the U.S. is really committed to the past, when the good name of the country traded for photos with the pyramids of naked Iraqis at Abu Ghraib bullpen.

If the allegations are true, then the atrocities committed by "a team of killers" are not confined to the murders of Afghan civilians. Offenders are said to have come up with "scenarios" murders that included plausible pretexts. Gibbs is believed to be responsible for planning, and lower-ranking — for the shooting. To Kill obviously they were treated as a sort of joy.

Alleged that the victims were shot with pleasure and collected trophies like finger bones and even teeth. The indictment describes the horrific and stupid act, reminiscent of an old America, America's water torture, torture in interrogations and Guantanamo bullpen. The question is — what did changed since that time, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama held a campaign in which so little is not promised, including — more vibrantly approach to war and to close the military jail in Cuba, which became the principal emblem moral decay of America under former President George W. Bush.

The lost prospects

The scandal surrounding the "team killers" came in could not be a worse time — before the November election is only two months, and the Democrats, led by Obama, perhaps, will suffer for their tremendous loss.

While it appears that the atrocities in Kandahar were a single character, and, apparently, no one of these actions is not sanctioned or even supported. These were the acts of young hooligans, in part because of the war have lost perspective. The battalion, which served as the killer in the fighting against the rebels lost 30 three people. Fears of war affected the fighters, and, in order to cope with them, some have started to take drugs, including cannabis. From this perspective, the murder can be explained as a nightmarish atrocities rabid fighter who lost touch with reality.

Something similar happened in Afghanistan 30 years ago, when the Russian army invaded there. Murders, robberies and looting were then commonplace. Demoralized Russian soldiers looted Afghan civilians at checkpoints, often killing their own victims, saying they are Mujahideen.

Aware of his inability to cope with the resistance of Afghans, the soldiers of Moscow turned to drugs and alcohol. Having lost the brakes, they committed such atrocities, which will never be forgotten. In September 1982, a group of Russian fighter has burnt alive in the irrigation ditch south of Kabul 5 100 villagers. Dame dropped from helicopters naked. There was a particularly gruesome case where the boy soldiers doused with kerosene and set on fire by the sight of his parents.

Murders committed by South American soldiers in Kandahar, they say, too, about the context in which they were committed. They reflect the general state of barbarism which always accompanies superfluous protracted war — and the Vietnam and Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Part of the second. "This is what I have to shut up"

January 15, when he was reportedly killed by Gul Mudin (the first victim of the "team killers"), shot at him as on a platter. Gibbs allegedly saw Mudina on the edge of a poppy field and ordered one soldier to throw a grenade through the wall, and another, a young — to open fire. But that was only the beginning. February 22, Gibbs, allegedly during a patrol shot and killed an Afghan bypass named Marach Agha, and put a Kalashnikov next to the body, so it was like a suicide. After more than two months later, on May 2, was shot and killed Mullah Adadad, apparently — the last victim of the command.

But they knew about this commanding officers? And what did the command to investigate the murder? If they did not try to cover them? The father of the 1st of the main suspects Adam Winfield (Adam Winfield) claims that officers have warned for several months. According to Christopher Winfield (Christopher Winfield), January 15, a day the first murder, he was the offspring of the social network Facebook the following message: "Then something happened, I do not know what to do, but I have to keep quiet."

A month later, on February 14, Adam Winfield wrote to the pope that the soldiers of his unit killed "some innocent guy about my age", while he was working in the field. Gibbs, apparently, and then not give Winfield speak with the chaplain and claimed, so he remained silent.

At the Pentagon, what happened almost left without comment.

"If it was, then it's unfortunate," — said the representative of the Ministry of Defence, responding to a reporter Associated Press about the words of Christopher Winfield, left, appears to be ignored. — "When someone is trying to draw attention to the problem of credible, we must respond to it."

Last regrets

NATO did not want to officially commented the incident.
"Is under criminal investigation" — said the representative of the alliance. — "On the pending investigations, we do not say anything."
He also said that, of course, is what happened last regret.

Reports of similar atrocities committed by international troops stationed in Afghanistan in the name of stability and justice, have particularly serious consequences for the country, said that Nader Naderi of the Afghan independent human rights commission. On the other hand, he said, the investigation into the soldier of the U.S. Army demonstrate "that such atrocities do not go unpunished and that men must appear before the tribunal for misconduct."

Becomes frustrating, but what matter floated out just because someone fighter informed the officer that his unit in someone smokes hashish, and fellow platoon beat him for it.

n atrocities

Of course, the question arises — what we in fact know about the true scale of the atrocities that are committed in time of war, all misdemeanors, which were not reported and for which no one was lured to the court. Wrong again at the height of solidarity: many men have at the moment they say that there were no killings in Afghanistan has never been, there was only self-defense.

The youngest member of the team Gibbs Jeremy Morlock (Jeremy Morlock), who is also the chief prosecution witness, too, seems to be ready to change his testimony. His lawyer, Michael Waddington (Michael Waddington) argues that the testimony Morlock should be ignored, because while giving them he was under the influence of prescription pharmaceuticals him.

According to Gibbs' lawyer, his client insists that all the murders were committed in the "proper battle."

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