Bank of Beijing has notified its customers about bad weather

Beijing office of one of the Chinese banks through SMS messages alerted their customers about the weather, advising the upcoming night disconnect electricity in homes and prepare flashlights.

"Last night and until tomorrow in Beijing can take showers. Warned you about that on the night to rest if possible disconnect the electricity in the house, prepare a flashlight and other emergency equipment," — said the report, which came on the mobile number cardholder's bank.

The Bank also advises not to forget an umbrella, going out, refuse to electric bicycles and cars. Other major Chinese banks and their capital offices, according to RIA Novosti, while similar services to their clients is not provided.

Last Saturday, as a result of the strongest in the last 60 years, rainfall in China's capital killed 37 people. The elimination of the flooded road junctions took several days.

Experts blame for what happened imperfect drainage system of the city, the residents blame the large number of victims by the city government, who could not promptly inform people about the approaching disaster. Internet users are there, in particular, that the city should Meteorological SMS messaging to notify residents of the disaster. For example, how did the authorities on the eve of Tuesday's Guangdong Province, sending out 30 million messages warning of the approach of a typhoon, residents of the five cities of the province.

In Beijing, the same, according to a spokesman for the Moscow weather bureau until such service is technically impossible.

However, forecasters warned on Wednesday of a new "wave" of precipitation. According to the forecast released by Xinhua News Agency, during the second half of the day on Wednesday in the capital of China may fall heavy rain. It is expected that the upcoming night in Beijing could fall from 30 to 50 millimeters of rain.

In this regard, the city government announced a "yellow", the third level of danger alarm. Not excluded landslides and debris flows in the city suburbs.

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