Bath salt — and you ate again ZOMBIES!

Local authorities are the U.S. state of Massachusetts decided to ban "synthetic bath salts' after scientists said that these inexpensive and readily available drugs have led to inappropriate behavior are a few Americans,"zombie. "

The emergence of the U.S. people to attack each other, has caused a wide resonance after stories in Florida, where in broad daylight a man attacked a passerby and began to bite his face. He was shot the police, as for the first time faced with a similar case and did not know how to react.

About this newspaper The Washington Post.

Several scientists then began to talk about the beginning of "zombie apocalypse", the experts found out later that the man who attacked cannibal tried amphetamines, known as "bath salts." Drugs included in the category of "salts" are equated to drugs in the Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden.

Authorities in many U.S. states and drug experts say the unusual surge in the popularity of these drugs among Americans. According to the "Voice of America" for the past year, the number seeking help has increased many times. "Salt" became the first number in the list of banned drugs, experts say that they are 13 times stronger than cocaine.

Shortly after the incident in Florida similar attacks "zombie" to have been reported in Louisiana, where the American and the other by the person bitten, and in Miami, where the "fake zombie" gnawed police car.

"Bath salts" includes a number of drugs which are a type of synthetic cocaine. It can cause paranoia and hallucinations, as well as to provoke wanton aggression.

In this case, the police can not claim that these drugs are causing people attack each other.

"You can not say that" zombie "used the salt, since before their arrest, no medical examination has been carried out," — said a police spokesman.

Last year, Americans got a memo from the authorities on how to prepare for the invasion of zombies. Article with quite serious advice posted on his page U.S. Agency of Ministry of Health — Center for Disease Control and Prevention.



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