Battle of pillows banned

The initiator of the Company's "pillow fight" has acted youth NGO "Historian." As noted at the press conference, activist Valentin Sokolowski, in a bid to host the "pillow fight" were shown four possible sites of action: Park of Friendship of Peoples, wooded park near the National Library, the park is named after Yanka Kupala park and the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.

"About a month we coordinated the rally with various authorities concerned. Holding her approved Ministry of Culture, Department of Culture and the Department of Minsk City Executive Committee ideology. However, when we came to the meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Mikhail Titenkov, he told us:" The event — stupid, I did I do not understand, so it is going to ban "- quoted Sokolovsky BelaPAN.

The organizers have received three negative responses to their requests, which indicated that the pillow fight "dangerous to life and health of the participants" and will spoil the green areas in the venue.

Organizer "Loot pillows" in 2009at Andrew Kim noted that the action was timed to the anniversary of the Battle of Orsha, all the same will be held on September 8 in Minsk:

"We have changed the format and location of the event. As long as we do not sound these moments that did not happen the way during" pillow fight, "dedicated to the anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, when was delayed More than 200 people, "- said Kim.

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