Because of showers in New Zealand declared a state of emergency

WELLINGTON, December 16. In the south of New Zealand declared a state of emergency because of heavy rains, the strongest in a decade.

According to BBC, floods triggered by torrential rains have caused severe damage in the Tasman region.

Landslides damaged many roads, hundreds of people were forced to leave their homes.

Forecasters do not predict improvement in the weather soon.

Earlier it was reported that the continuing heavy rains caused severe flooding on the west coast of Australia. Brunt of the disaster was in the capital of Western Australia — Perth.

It was decided to evacuate the population of low-lying areas. Flooded main highway. Fallen trees caused by the disruption of power lines. There is information about the destruction of roofs and cars.

Meteorologists say that number dropped in Western Australia, rainfall is a record for the last 60 years.

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