Because of the rainfall in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro killed four people

At least four people were killed in a downpour in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, said on Saturday night at the local office of the Civil Defense.

According to authorities, heavy rain fell on Saturday in the city of Teresopolis in the mountainous part of the state. Gathering rains caused mud flows from the mountains. Emergency services have recorded eight falls soil, under which there may be people.

In the disaster area aimed rescue teams with dogs and handlers. Search operation is difficult due to the onset of darkness, but will resume in full on Saturday morning local time (about 13.00 MSK), said GO service.

Information on victims and material damage is coming.

In the state capital, six millionth of Rio de Janeiro, located on the Atlantic coast 110 kilometers south of the state of emergency, Precipitation was observed.

In January 2011, the State of Rio de Janeiro was a flood, as the largest natural disaster in the history of Brazil. As a result of a heavy downpour in seven cities in the mountainous part of the state, killing more than 900 people.


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