Bees in the Mogilev region mixed winter and spring


5.01.12.Pchelovody Mogilev surprised the behavior of their subordinates.

Were selected from the hives bees. They crawl on the notch and meet the false spring. Even experienced beekeepers recognized that in January, they did not have to watch anything like that. Witnessed such an early "awakening" of bees have become residents and Bykhov flagships Mogilev region.

What to expect from the hectic winter for bees? On this question, amateur beekeepers shrug. Some say that it will not affect the status of bees. Others fear that an early start laying brood. This is highly undesirable because it runs the risk of a thaw replaced by frost. Doubt those and other opponents is not only one thing: the point in all sorts of arguments and disputes put spring. Then it will be clear, there will be enough bees to feed and did not tell whether their excessive activity in the winter on the state of bee colonies. And from this, as you know, will depend on honey collection.

Source: TRC "Mogilev"

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