Beginning of the school year without a dining room and classes

On the third part of the building Mogilev gymnasium cracks. According to official information, the cracks were discovered a week ago. Official sources have sounded the same it is only today — not to spoil the beginning of the school year.

It is known that the certificate of readiness to receive school children have already signed. By signing injuries had been, say official sources. Department of Education and

Or threaten to crack the building, find out the check.

the administration of the school decided to close the damaged wing of the school. There is a dining room, a sports hall and classrooms. Dinning school students will be at a nearby school. No space left fourth grade school.

Or threaten to crack the building, find out the check. It will begin its work on Monday.

The third high school in Mogilev — the oldest. She was over a hundred years. It is considered one of the best urban schools. The old school building where once studied Soviet polar explorer Otto Schmidt, no classes — there mall. Building, where damage is found, no two decades.


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