Belarusian-group Rainbow in Mogilev no more

In Mogilev closed the only Belarusian-group in kindergarten number eighty-first this year there were no parents who would want to give their children there.

"There was not this group. Kids, in which it had been in school This year, went. Now we do not have the Belarusian group. A lot of demand. Groups are staffed. They are Russian language "- Said an employee of the administration of the kindergarten.

Group "Rainbow" opened December 3, 2007 the efforts of local community activists Society Belarusian language and movement of the Belarusian Popular Front "Revival." For ten months, they were looking for a family who would be willing to give to a group of Belarusian-language low-enrollment of their children. We managed to find a dozen such families. The group, however, only went three kids. The rest are not age-appropriate. By the end of her visit five kids.

"In the spring head has expressed such concern. She used to say that we we do, when you go away? A group is singled out funding. And then what to do with it, if you do not have kids? It is sad to hear that, because everything that we do, nothing is over. For there is no logical. Finally my husband and I felt that it would. Sadly, of course, "- commented on the situation with the closure of Hope Solovyov, mother already pershaklyasnitsy Christmas trees.

The daughter of the family Soloviev went today only in Mogilev Belarusian-language class. There she will learn one. City officials allowed the opening of the first class in the Mogilev school, next to the city executive committee.

The first visitors of the "Rainbow".



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