Belarusians on Triumph Square in Moscow: Here an entire division of the police!

Today in Moscow, the Russian opposition holds another protest in defense of the Constitution. Its members 31 of each month going on Triumph Square in central Moscow. The purpose of the action — to speak in defense of Article 31 of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees freedom of assembly.

Today, the shares had address and social activist from Belarus, the head of NGO liquidators of Chernobyl "Union Chernobyl-Belarus" Alyaksandr Volchanin. Here is what Mr. Volchanin our correspondent about the 17th hour of Belarusian time when he was on the Triumphal Square in Moscow

Volchanin "At the invitation of Messrs. Nemtsov and Ryzhkov I must perform at Triumph Square to support our Russian colleagues, who are fighting for democracy. But democracy is long gone — began mass arrests, like ourselves, they are a chain. There are so many police, so many ambulances assistance, "Ural" — an entire division of the police, a lot more than when we share in Minsk.

People shouting "Freedom!".

You can also grab?

Volchanin "Yes, I was already approaching, checked the passport, say you, a Belorussian doing here, now nachepim handcuffs. Here they have already got the baton and began to displace people."

As reported by journalists, police detained during the protest dozens. Among them — the well-known Russian politicians Boris Nemtsov and Eduard Limonov.

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