Beneath the surface of Titan is hidden ocean

Recently, thanks to NASA probe "Cassini" have provided evidence of the existence of a large underground ocean on Titan — a satellite of Saturn. During his six missions between 2004 and 2011 probe collected data, which are then carefully studied by astrophysicists Royal Observatory in Brussels. Scientists drew special attention to the fact that Titan has an elongated elliptical orbit, in addition, the tidal force of Saturn are constantly exposed to the satellite.

According to data from the probe, the gravitational field of Titan varies by about 4% during the approach to it Saturn. This suggests that the satellite can not consist entirely of solid rock, or similar movement would have been impossible. Under assumptions of astrophysicists, such a phenomenon can be explained by the presence of an underground ocean on Titan. And if you want to buy a mp3 player — the best player on the site will find

Luciano Esse, an Italian scientist, believes that the underground water of the ocean or completely clean, or have salt impurities in small quantities. The depth of this lake is not yet determined, as it is believed that there is plenty of cold water. Of course, the mere presence of water still does not mean the presence of life on Titan, but scientists have proposed and similar assumptions.

Analyses suggest the possibility of having the most primitive forms of life on Saturn. According to well-known scientists, life forms can be fed chemical compounds on the surface of Titan, as well as to breathe its atmosphere. Researcher Kree McKay argues that local forms of life on Titan may use hydrogen in the same way as terrestrial organisms oxygen. Scientists have not ruled out the possibility that on Titan there is a completely new form of life, in many ways different from our earth.

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