Bezrybe in Kazakhstan



4.05.12.V this year in the region, at times reduced fish stocks.

Specialists make disappointing forecasts. The reason — the lack of a spill. Against all expectations, the Irtysh and got out of the banks. A week starts mass spawning, and in flood water is still there.

Chance that the Irtysh still spill, almost gone. Floodplain is dry, and it is the main "incubator" where fish breed. Spawning this year is questionable. Recall environmental releases cut three times.
— I am over 60 years old, and I do not remember to not fill the Irtysh floodplain. This, I think, in the history of the Pavlodar region was not. Juveniles will be much smaller than in previous years — lamenting Nurbek Syzdykov, head of fish inspection in Pavlodar region.
From day to day, the fish should start to spawn. And nowhere. At this time, it should already be in otshnurovannyh reservoirs.
— The fish will look for places to spawn. On the territory of the Pavlodar region there are small bays. But these areas are very small. Accordingly, the fish will not spawn during this period — say the experts.
Caviar, and is a million offspring doomed. Completion of fisheries question. A complete ban on fishing in relation to spawning, however, has not been canceled. It will introduce from May 10 to June 20. A late flood, even if happens, will not save the situation. In summer the water in the flood plain — it only mosquitoes breed.
Author: Timothy Golev

Source: Newspaper Review of the week

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