Bialowieza bison Kislyak


A little sense of what happened to the "Stade de France", I could only on the plane, which is rapidly through the air on the way from Paris to Minsk on the day after the game. Belarusian team defeated the French at the stadium, where the "blue" 12 years ago became the world champions. A goal was scored by a simple guy from Belarus Kamenetz — Sergey Kislyak.

Kislyak Kornilenko yes Jurevich run to the Belarusian fan sector after a single goal in the match.

Belarusian fans in the arena, "Stade de France". Their "We believe we can, win" was sometimes heard even on the opposite platform.

On the day of the match does not have time for tourist entertainment — as usual: the need to prepare for a great night of football. Every foreign trip for a sports journalist — is the work of an unknown field, when it comes to self pave the way to the stadium, set up access to the Internet, to overcome the difficulties of translation. Frankly, that in French I do not really, but at least it saves English.

Such "bison" were on the Belarusian fan sector in the hands of the fun is NOT Schweich and sewed, and blank for the drum.

Filled the stands "Stade de France" started 2 hours before the match, by every few places lay the French flag with a plastic shaft of — here's the secret of the famous sea tricolor during home matches of the French national team.

That's the policy of dual banners of Belarus.

On the eve of the match jitters always easy, even for journalists — all are going through for the team, and sometimes during the game behave a little bit wrong, as required by professional ethics. But what excuse the hell out of ethics, if you're sitting on clogged almost to capacity 80000th "Stade de France" and the Belarusian team scored a goal for a few minutes before the end of the match?

Of course, if the Belarusians staged not assist attack in the 86th minute, but before that, the victory might not hold: Malouda and Valbuena at times pretty decent clobber Belarusian defense, which, however, did not lose stroynastsi. And the goalkeeper-captain Zhevnov played quite confident.

Malouda sends the ball into the net Belarusian goal, but the referees fixed position "out of the game." After the game, Yuri Zhevnov explained that he had heard a whistle before, so relaxed and dropped the ball into the net.

Stop trying Martynovych Malouda, Kulchiy yes Shytov. In the background — Alexander Hleb.

Air battle is Vitali Kutuzov. It was his place in the second half came on the pitch hero of the match Kislyak.

After the match Kisljak change from Valbuena shirts. "It was an accident", — says Sergey modestly, his face will shine.

Such victories do not want to analyze. Just want to be proud of: the team, Kislyak sensation. And you just want to relax a bit — from travel, from football, with emotion. After all, on Tuesday 7 September at the Minsk "Dinamo" — new adventures Kislyak and the company. As guests come Romanians. Two Romanian journalists we have seen in the airport when the Saturday lunch arrived from Paris …


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