Big bore SVDK

Big bore SVDK 
In the comments to the article about sniper rifle VSSK appeared a little dispute about this comparison with standard tools also mnogokalibernoy SVDK sniper rifle. In my opinion, both are quite different standard classes and the only thing they have common is that they both mnogokalibernye. Do not rule out the ability that still have one rifle with the name SVDK, which I do not know, but to enlighten me on this subject because no one enlightened. Therefore, there is little reason to do cancel article on the sniper rifle, especially because a weapon, ammunition or rather his very first own fascinating history.

How easy to guess SVDK is an adaptation of a more efficient LED ammo, but it does not mean that adaptation was the simplest. Cannon is a automatic rifle with automatic running on powder gases bled from the barrel, assembled in a traditional assembly. The butt of the rifle guns took SIDS, in other words emerging, but for all that it is dressed cushioning recoil pad with a larger area of ​​contact with the shoulder shooter, for that would mitigate the effects of recoil when firing. The idea is to adapt SVD under powerful ammo small blood failed miserably. In fact, we had to create a virtually new instrument similar in design to the SVD, but absolutely calculated that not surprisingly, because the difference in ammunition for both rifles enormous. If you look at the instrument as a whole, it simply recognized SVD, but only in scale, which means that it invested a lot of work, because the automation system is only half the battle, but debugged and costed automation system — this is the finished product.

Substitution underwent gun barrel, bolt, absolutely all the automation system rifles. Trunk mounted in the receiver, with the gun is not connected, but due to the fact that the weapons system automation is implemented through an outlet of the bore powder gases svobodnovyveshennym did not even call it a stretch. In general, to significantly affect the accuracy of shooting that does not touch the handguard gun barrel and bipod mounted on a forward control from the receiver base, in other words also does not relate to the gun barrel. Despite this precision instrument is difficult to call because its effective range is equated only 600 meters.

 Big bore SVDK

Small distance of effective implementation tools immediately justified by several factors, among which the first introduction of automation, the second, the thickness of the walls of the gun barrel, in my opinion missing, lightweight rifles, eventually chuck it all though but slightly affects the accuracy of instruments, and in total of such is not the best outcome. On the other hand, we should not forget also what goals pursued designers creating this rifle. A main objectives was the greatest weight reduction tools, with the ability to effectively defeat the enemy’s manpower secure means of personal body armor. So Makarov, it appears that in comparison with other standards with similar traits and ammunition gun loses 100%, but with all this, with the puzzles that are set before him, sovladevaet completely successful. In addition, they say that by 1000 meters of this rifle to shoot completely real, clenching his teeth, but really. That’s so cheap, sternly, firmly and well, but the truth, without supplies, to perform more complex tasks than those that are put before the gun.

Overall length with guns buttstock is 1250 mm, with all this length rifle barrel equals 620 millimeters. The initial speed of a bullet fired from this barrel equals 780 meters per second. Weight is 6.5 pounds rifle unloaded. Powered weapon from the detachable magazine capacity of 10 rounds 9,3 x64.

Insert this in my opinion is a very fascinating ammo. Fascinating story in it first, because the way that this cartridge made before adopting the army of, very long. It all started already in 1910, that’s when Velgelm Brenneke made ammo 9,3 x64 Mauser rifle with a sliding gate. This cartridge was developed purely as a powerful hunting ammo and not the army. Archrival this ammunition was 9.3 x62, which naturally won this round, otherwise why it would create. Very durable cartridge ammunition was a sweetheart who hunted large animals. Bears some shooting this ammunition was a lot of, well, a lot of beasts in Africa killed this massive ordnance with the heaviest bullet. Its popularity, this cartridge saves and at the moment, and how many guns he was released under a variety of weapons-grade companies are countless.

In 1986, the scion of a famous Russian designer Blum developed a version of the cartridge back as for hunting. Bullet cartridge weighed 17,3-17,5 grams, kinetic energy, as well as speed, not very varied huge borders — 4760-5130 joules. A year later was made the first batch of these munitions, but in mass production they went a bit later.

In fact, on the basis of this cartridge was developed and ammo for the sniper rifle. However, many believe that for the base took all the same not a Russian hunting ammo, and zabugorny but will not be venturing dispute scratch. One way or another civilian and military cartridge — ammunition is different.

Bullet combat 9,3 x64 cartridge weighs 16.6 grams, it placed a metal core. In the trunk SVDK this bullet is accelerated to almost the speed of 800 meters per second, respectively, its kinetic energy is somewhere about 5000 joules. Munition is designed first for the effective destruction of enemy personnel, secure means of personal body armor, also firing at the unarmored vehicles. At a distance of 100 meters bullet cartridge 9,3 x64 80% of the shots hit steel sheet width in inches.

In 2006, this cartridge was adopted for use in conjunction with a rifle SVDK. Marking this munition was 9SN index 7N33.

So Makar, we can confidently state that SVDK 9SN and chuck in any time can not be associated with the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge and the instrument for him. And it is not because of Russian ammunition and rifle at a disadvantage in this comparison, as well as in the design of our guns were not laid claim precision long-range sniper weapons, and completely different. Often you can meet a negative outlook on this weapon, but nobody scolds Glock pistol, because he can not hit a target at a distance of 1,000 meters. So why then make claims that are pre-mentioned problems facing tool?

Well, as this rifle is comparable to mnogokalibernym sniper complex with a small give-away action «Exhaust», decides to let each to himself.

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