Biography of Alexander Dubko

Company (Jan. 14, 1938, c. Iława, Shumsky district — February 4, 2001, Grodno)

He graduated from the Grodno Agricultural Institute, an agricultural scientist. Since 1960 worked as an agronomist-semenavodom, the head of department, director of educational farm "Stanislav" Grodno Agricultural Institute. Head of the Department of Agriculture Berestovitsky Grodno Region Executive Committee (1966-1970), director of the trust dairy and vegetable farms of the Grodno region (1970-1972), chairman of the collective farm chairman of the agricultural collective enterprise "Progress" of the Grodno region (1972-1994). Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Council of Deputies (1991-1993). With snezhnya1994, the Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee. He was a member of the central council of the Agrarian Party of Belarus (1995). Chairman of the Belarusian Council of the collective and the Union of Agricultural The Republic of Belarus. Advance presidential candidate The Republic of Belarus (1994). The delegate of the PBC and many Congresses of the CPSU. On the XXVIII Congress of the CPSU E. singled Ligacheva candidate for the post of Deputy Secretary-General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. A member of the National Assembly The Republic of Belarus, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Security. Hero of Socialist Labor (1982).

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