Black letters of parallel worlds

"Tomsk messenger", 25.01.2003, Tomsk, n14, p.13
By saying that the so-called "parallel world" still exists today no surprise. In a lot of press articles about UFOs, poltergeists and other mysterious phenomena that can not be explained by conventional science.
Some believe in their existence, and some deep doubts. And with good reason. Speaking the language of investigators, there are problems with the evidence base. Namely, with the fixation of these phenomena on the "documents" — film or photographic film, magnetic tape, clear readings etc. Of course, the world has accumulated a lot of film and photographic materials about UFOs and his ilk, but almost all of them are random. If anomalschika at the right time in the hands of a video camera and he had to withdraw his hands trembling with excitement "plate" — his happiness.
That is why the vast majority of such surveys is very low quality. Because of this, there is no confusion with the evidence the reality of these phenomena. And, it must be confessed, that because of the poor quality of the materials, some dishonest "scholars" are tempted to falsify them. When the deception is revealed, it causes extreme harm to ufology.
But still, why such difficulties? First, people do not really learned how to predict the weather, and even more so to track the emergence of plates or poltergeist. And secondly, the "parallel worlds", by definition, are in a different plane from our reality. But our reality, along with the official science, our technology and instruments — in the other. Relatively speaking, our camera in the standard SECAM, with "little green men" — PAL. To rewrite their information into our language, translated into our standard, you need to try fairly.
And try! Last Thursday, on the first channel showed a program dedicated to this research. One Moscow UFO designed camera that is capable to capture, as he puts it, "after the information field." According to his theory, every event that happens in this world, is reflected in a kind of universal information space. With the help of a special techniques you can try to "get" this information.
Muscovite showed his pictures. For example, half-broken tree, where almost imperceptibly draws the contours of the upper part of the trunk is non-existent. Most shocking pictures in which "manifested" lost people. Parallel worlds, according to scientists, are recorded on the film in the form of strange characters, marks, the "messages". Task — to unravel.
Such investigations are under way in our Tomsk. Vladimir Lunev, who led at the time of the Siberian research center for the study of anomalous phenomena in the TPU, even wrote a monograph on how to capture on film the abnormal phenomena. In a famous researcher in Tomsk Victor Fefelova is in this respect a theory. For several years, he studied the so-called "black spots". Black dots, spots on the photos. Accordingly, the white on the negative.
— Back in 1985 — says Fefelov — I gave it a phenomenon known as "black mark". I have accumulated hundreds of photos with similar tags. Basically they correct circular. Conditions under which they appear? I came to the conclusion that the black marks are usually accompanied by a variety of anomalous phenomena: poltergeists, UFOs, etc.
Skeptics immediately a thought: maybe those marks — only defects emulsion or a consequence of poor-quality developer?
After reviewing dozens of pictures with black marks, Fefelov came to the conclusion that it is not, it is the objective signs of abnormal phenomena. One day there was such a case. It was reported that on the banks of the Ob, near Tomsk, landed UFO, then flew away.
Naturally, the researchers photographed this place. Moreover, different cameras, different charged film. All photos were dotted with many black marks of different sizes.
There are people who are "attracted" to her black marks. Most interesting is that they can photograph a completely neutral from the point of view of "anomalschiny" object. According to the observations, the marks often appear when photographing geopathic zones, places of landing of flying saucers in poltergeystnyh apartments as well as areas where large psychological and physical stress in humans. For example, in one of the amateur photos of the excited crowd gathered at the walls of the Kremlin during the coup in August 1991, was typical of many black marks.
And yet, what is the nature of this mysterious phenomenon? As the saying goes, "the case is clear, that it is dark." Undoubtedly, only one — black marks are a kind of reflection of anomalous phenomena. Fragments of the "symphony" that our ears do not perceive physically. But still we somehow given the opportunity to "pull" of her individual notes. However, with film.
In any case, the phenomenon to be studied.

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