Blind centaur

Blind centaur

«We can not stay silent about until that time, until the case is brought to an end under public pressure.» (From address)
Investigation of the case «Oboronservis» sluggish delves into suitcases with the ladies’ jewelry and asphalt path to the brother-in-law and, apparently, do not ask questions about the true scale of these motivations to breakup reforms in the army. This cautiously they say patriots of.
How different, if not a betrayal may be referred to the intention of the Ministry of Defence to buy Italian BMP «Line» («Lynx») and languid APCs «Sentario» («Centaur»), unless the Russian army are BMP-3, which were supplied to army in 1987, but which now are the best in the world?
What you have to be an idiot to motivate the purchase of Italian armored cars that, unlike ours, they are not tracked and wheeled that such machines has been a shift of Western armies?
After all, these wheeled BMP incapacitated not only trivial machine gun from a distance of several 10’s of meters, and single sniper shot from a distance of several hundred meters. Automaton or a rifle bullet except that bus heavy duty lifting capacity 75-120 t BelAz can not break through, and all other rubber tires as butter knife, pierce any bullets military small guns.
Causes huge swings that Defense Minister framed his blunt assistants and advisers do not understand the performance characteristics of Russian BMP-3.

Blind centaur
DZ first generation BMP-3, the development of the Research Institute of Steel, 1999
Photo courtesy of «Research Institute of Steel»

So here, for those who do not know much about our BMP, spend some educational program.
Another 30 years ago in the Soviet Union was adopted by the armored vehicle BMP-2, justified itself in the Afghan war against the mujahads and Caucasian — Chechen separatists. This machine was bought with us several Middle Eastern and African countries as the best in the world at that time.
But back in 1976 (6 years before adopting the BMP-2) we have started development work on creating the latest BMP. The head developer of this machine has been appointed Special Design Bureau Kurgan Machine-Building Plant, and performers on the individual nodes several research institutes and design bureaus in Chelyabinsk, Tula, carpet, Barnaul and other cities. (Work on the armor protection, weapons, chassis, the stabilizer and pointing guns at the complex target indications, possible to swim at a total firepower, etc.)

Blind centaur
BMP-3 Army Kuwait. Source:

Some seemingly disparate and competing demands of the customer as a result of selfless labor naiumneyshih Russian professionals in various fields have been satisfied: BMP-3 was built, tested in the toughest hydrometeorological conditions (heat, cold, sea state), relief (mountains, deserts, swamps, streams, rivers) and the criteria adopted for service.
Here are some comparative performance characteristics of the BMP-3 with the best in the world at that time, the indisputable evidence of the benefits of our (in the U.S. — BMP «Mrarbradey») in the UK — BMP «MC 80 Warrior», in Germany — BMP «Mardec las»).
Full combat weight: our — 19 m (less than the Yankees, the British and Germans at 10.9 m, 5.5 m and 14.5 m, respectively).
The highest speed on the highway: we — 70 km / h (more than 4 km / h compared with the U.S., at 5 km / h — with the British, but at 14 km / h less than the German BMP).
The highest speed on the water — 10 km / h (more than the U.S. by 3.3 km / h, while the British and German generally do not swim).
Seaworthiness: we — 3 points, from the Yankees — 1 point. Progress in store: we have — 600 km (120 miles more than the Yankees, 100 km more than the British, and only 60 km less than the Germans).
Artillery weapons: we — 100 mm caliber gun and automatic 30 mm, from the Yankees and Germans — automatic caliber 25 mm, the British 30-mm caliber automatic. Guns on any of these states do not have the BMP. There on Turkish BMP, taken into service in 2000 (18 years later our BMP).
Missile Armament: anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) we have — 8 missiles from the Yankees — 7, the British have not at all, the Germans — 4.
Our BMP only one of all, capable of firing anti-tank on the go.
Guns 7.62: we — 3, at foreigners — 1.
Ammunition guns: we — 6000, from the Yankees — 2340, the British — in 2200, the Germans — 5000.
Average ground pressure (kg/cm2): we — 0.61, from the Yankees — 0.68, the British — 0.67, the Germans — 0.92.
The system management tool: of the BMP-3 — stabilizer arms, laser rangefinder, ballistic computer, from foreign — horizontal and vertical electric hum.
As we see, in fact all the TTX BMP-3 surpasses all foreign armored infantry vehicles, although it entered service a year earlier than the South American, and two years earlier than the German.
Not counting the properties mentioned above, the Russian BMP has a significant advantage for security, because designed and built out of unique materials — aluminum armor that protects the crew not only from bullets and armor-piercing shells of 30 mm caliber, and from small fragments, mines, bombs artsnaryadov and larger caliber.
As much as possible to overcome obstacles, namely steeper climb and descend (on the slope in degrees), the opportunity to work at a height of over 4,000 m, not only in summer, and in winter (snow) criteria, our BMP also have no equal in the world .
Rate of high-explosive shells — 15 rounds per minute (every 4 seconds), and the rate of anti-tank — 10 rounds per minute. ATGM hit armored targets with metal armor homogeneous width of 500 mm, which allows you to successfully fight the enemy tanks. (The actual result when field testing in the UAE on the tank T-62 — rocket broke the wall of the gun barrel, broke through the frontal armor, swept away in the tank and all the equipment has broken the back of the turret. Total thickness of armor penetration was 600 mm. Tried ATGM «Bastion», kitted conventional shaped-charge warhead.)
Automatic 30 mm caliber with a rate of 300 rounds per minute and is capable to conduct fire at air targets flying at subsonic speeds at a range of 4000 m and a height of 2000 m (by the way, at supersonic speeds no aircraft on ground targets to use his weapon can not).
And now, reader, judge of that adventure, which conspired to acquire the Italian MoD BMP. What is the reason that the orders of the beautiful Russian BMP not? But these BMP, kitted out with modern satellite navigation systems, fire control, interference-free communication system, smoke protection (progress somewhere in science and technology in the 24 years after adopting a meaningful occurred), at the present time nothing is not inferior to the most modern South American armored car AAAV, made of titanium, ceramics and composites. By the way, these new American BMP progress in store for 120 km less than ours, and rapid-firing automatic cannon 28 mm not pierce armor protection of our BMP.
American advantage BMP expressed exclusively in water speed — 20 knots.
If we consider that over the post-perestroika period lost our defense industry, experts at the Russian could make such a machine, which did not even exist, then this whole mess with the «palace coup» from socialism to capitalism on the other as a betrayal, it is impossible to call.
P.S. One could even almost all tell about this brilliant Russian military machine time; refer the interested reader to an amazing recurring edition of «Frontline Illustration» (2008 number 10), the creator of the article and test BMP-3 candidate Sergei Suvorov Military Science (published by «KM Strategy», Moscow). Specifically, this collection shows me all the information on the BMP-3, referred to in this article.
And to the question, for what and why suddenly decided to take Italian BMP answer imposed itself: focus on kickbacks.

G. Drozhzhinov veteran submariner, Captain 1st rank

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