Bobruisk courier on the verge of bankruptcy

The oldest independent newspaper in Bobruisk "Bobruisk Courier" is on the verge of bankruptcy. The editorial staff is on forced leave. Editor Anatoly Sanotenko believes that the publication was in this situation because of the pressures of power.

There is still a ban on advertising in the "Bobruisk courier." Almost every meeting ideological vertical newspaper name is pronounced spell claims Anatoly Sanotenko:

"The last seven years, the authorities did everything possible to economically strangle" Bobruisk courier. " As a result, these years paper could not earn as much money as in the same period, our nearest competitors. The prospects for the newspaper is not very clear. Maybe our steps to resolve the situation and lead to something, but so far to talk about it. "

For a long time the Belarusian-mail refused to take "Bobruisk courier" in its distribution network. For the newspaper kiosks were not available "Belsajuzdruk."

Sanotenko"We are in a rather peculiar environment. In Bobruisk, the largest number of newspapers after Minsk. Spetsyfichnasts comes down to the fact that the authorities consider all the newspapers by his servants. So says the ideological vertical. For example, on the day of printing, all the leaders of the local newspapers, except two, were invited to the city council and received certificates and cash prizes. We have heard many times that we do not write about. It was not necessary to write about and how. Yes, we lost money, but have kept their values more important than money. We, as before, we believe that the profession of a journalist — is not a profession servant. "

«Bobruisk courier"
One of the old newspapers in Belarus. Its first issue was published in 1914. In 1920 the Bolsheviks, it was closed because the book was private and not under their control. Resumed the newspaper in 1990 as neperyyadychnae Pocketbook. Since 1992, the "Bobruisk Courier" began to come out as a full-fledged media outlet. In 1998, the newspaper launched a website, which in 2008 became the portal.


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