Britain bought French antisnayperskie system

Britain bought French antisnayperskie system

England ordered the French company Cilas party complexes detection sniping SLD 500 total cost of £ 5 million (eight million dollars). It is reported by Defense News.
According to the publication, the contract was signed on November 26, but this became clear only at the moment. Supply of equipment to begin in January. As expected, the devices will be used by military personnel of the English contingent in Afghanistan.

Accommodation enemy snipers system SLD 500 defines a laser beam, which «scans» area in search scopes and binoculars. Upon detection of a sniper (laser beam is reflected from the glass surface), the system informs about the location of enemy fighters.

Complex SLD 500 is mounted on a tripod and remote control unit is equipped with a screen. GVW SLD 500 BATTERIES is about 120 kg. The system is capable of radial review and can immediately look for five sections of the enemy.

SLD 500 system was developed by request and with monetary support defense procurement agency France (Direction Generale L’Armament, DGA), but adopted country and did not get up. System is also interested in the U.S. Marine Corps. Several complexes took the tests, but for the purchase of 500 SLD Yankees were reported.

In September 2011, Britain signed an agreement with Raytheon to supply systems to detect enemy fire Boomerang. Unlike SLD Boomerang 500 determines the position of the enemy from the sound of the shot. For this complex is equipped with a highly sensitive microphone. In 2010, the United States planned to bring complexes Boomerang for their own troops in Afghanistan.

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