Buckwheat has a deficit

In society today, this product has virtually disappeared from the shelves of rural shops and businesses in the cities restrict trade sale. Price of cereals, which have suddenly become deficit has almost doubled. Business executives say that this year will again have to import buckwheat from outside Belarus.

On the causes of the next deficit in the country today recognized regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Grodno region

"Went up from buckwheat and today …"

The Grodno region prices for new arrivals buckwheat since the beginning of this week, rising nearly doubled.

The last days many stores and Grodno region not on the shelves of buckwheat. Vendors say that the demand for them has increased in recent years due to deficiency in the neighboring countries.

Says Head of the village shops:

Buckwheat rose in price …

"Buckwheat is grown in value. Latter we get to 3860, and now not at all. Way, before it cost to 3060. Neither water based there, where no book."

Says director of the city's shops:

"But we have not brought buckwheat, while ordering. Us on Saturday delivered the goods, and buckwheat are not brought."

Reporter: "And to buy her more than steel?"

Woman: "Yes, more. Begun to move people and us."

The company "Skidelagrapradukt" is a major producer of buckwheat in the Grodno region. Moreover, raw material suppliers are local farms.

I ask the specialist "Skidelagrapraduktu" Mrs. Lilia: as she sees it, that there were shortages of buckwheat?

"This disruption is eating with buckwheat as the old crop is complete and the new just started to do us for processing. And we primarily provide budgetary organizations: schools, schools, hospitals, and already that was left was given to the shops. When they asked for 50 packs we let go of 10, enough to everything. "

Madam also says that sales prices of today have changed considerably.

74% increase in prices. If previously packed package worth 2305, now — 4019 …

Woman: "With 74% increase in prices. Earlier packed package worth 2305, now — 4019. Such a designation given us our department. Course, buckwheat now started to take more as Russia and Ukraine have raised prices, year after year, the culture they had unfortunate. "

But that said on this score regular shoppersand who could not buy today buckwheat:

"Well, what can we do to little people, when we have such a leadership circle, why we, Belarusians, must suffer and buy at high prices, if at all of us, and we brought the edge of the meat, and the prices …"


"Buckwheat in Brest predominantly Russian"

Many small shops to buy buckwheat Brest becomes problematic. Among other things, its price has increased almost twice. On the shelves put up in the main products produced in Russia. Brest SEC just started harvesting this crop.

In the field of farmers engaged in the cultivation of buckwheat. Many say that it is not profitable, and the climatic conditions are not very good for the culture. SEC, according to the state program, seeded fairly large areas of buckwheat. To date, only began harvesting, yield, as noted in the Malorita council of Agriculture and Food, average. However, the plan are unlikely to be run:

unlikely to be able to meet the requirements …

"According to the state plan, we have to take 410 tons of buckwheat. But I think it is unlikely that we can meet the requirements. Weather this year has made adjustments. Annually we inoculated about 300 acres of buckwheat. As the hype around this culture, we do not know where he appeared. in our area on the shelves enough buckwheat. "

The prices of buckwheat rose significantly, from over two thousand to five thousand pounds. Wholesale vendors increase their prices, but the special interruptions on the field with buckwheat is not observed, told our radio OBLPOTREBSOYUZA. The situation in the market due to poor harvests in Russia:

"Indeed, prices have gone up, but in some regions there is no rush for this product."

Manual "Bresthlebapraduktu" notes that at present the company only began collecting crap. A month after the buckwheat grain is sent for processing to Gomelhleboprodukt cereals and from there will be taken to the region, the situation will change and prices will stabilize. Earlier some special demand for buckwheat were observed:

"Last year, our company could ill sell only two cars — it's only 120 tons. Problem was to sell it. And now such a stir. Processing buckwheat is only in Gomel. Plant there are not always loaded. Volumes are very small."

Farmer from Brest says that in no private gaspadarkia that would deal with buckwheat. Given the climate, the owners did not take up the cultivation of this crop. With regard to the increased demand and prices for this product, the farmer says it is by and large just unreasonable:

"Buckwheat is not every day you buy. Suppose it went. Another thing — milk and bread. And so does the problem go and buy a kilo …"


"Buckwheat by 3000 already razmyali"

This year, in Mogilev freak of buckwheat. Economy has not reached half of the crop against last year. Sowed the same twice.

Agricultural enterprises and farms in the region have planted nearly 5,900 acres of buckwheat. Her maid is still ongoing, but experts have pointed out that its harvest will be too small.

"1115 acres removed to date. Threshed with a yield of 889 tons 8 tons per hectare. This is not normal. Last year on this date yield was 18 quintals per hectare. Scorched year. Bee did not leave anything, so do not tie anything", — explained Specialist of Agriculture and Food of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

Buckwheat yield last year was unexpectedly large. Economy expected that it will be such and in this year. Increased the cultivated area, as buckwheat grow profitably. Its cost is higher than other crops twice. The current weather but zvyalo expected profit to loss.

Ten quintals received. No, it's not normal. I assumed that we would get twenty to twenty-two quintals of …

"Well, we already have cleaned the crap. According ten quintals received. No, it's not normal. I assumed that we would get twenty to twenty-two quintals. And very good forecasts showed, but the drought have dried on the first two seeds just got. Sowed this year sixty hectares. Last year, thirty sowed. was assumed that it would be better, but the drought, "admitted a specialist experimental base" Glusk. "

In Mogilev stores in the meantime a large rush to the acquisition of buckwheat is not observed. This however does not mean that people, especially the elderly, are happy with the price of cereals. The package price of buckwheat varies from three to four and a half thousand.

"People just razmyali these kiosks, where three thousand there. According took ten kilograms. When it was in the shop four of a penny, it is clear that it went against the stall for a thousand. I bought four pounds — I have enough for a year," says Mogilev pensioner.

Traders note t
hat as soon as the price of buckwheat is not going to lift, however, when it will make its products, it will do and they are. Most shops buckwheat produced in Russia, put up in Belarus.

In Mogilev eat buckwheat from Russia "Suvorov", as it is. Belarusian no …

Expert "Freedom": "Today's deficit of buckwheat was triggered in the 2000s"

Head of the Laboratory of cereals Scientific-Production Center of the National Academy of Sciences Roman Kadyrov explains that the deficit of buckwheat in Belarus provoked the error in the cultivation of this crop in the previous few years:

"Now, many farms do not even have the experience in the cultivation of this crop. This is the result that up to 2005-2006, the area under crops of buckwheat were reduced to 8-9 hectares. And so now need a few more years to agronomists in farms worked as expected technology. "

Roman Kadyrov denies some public officials about the alleged plans of the existing import Belarusian buckwheat in Russia:

"First, sell buckwheat in Russia until we can. Because the land area under buckwheat on 34,000 hectares at least could provide buckwheat Belarus. This means that we need to be sure to 35-40 thousand hectares of crops. And if you want to export, then you need to plant more, or increase productivity. "

Commenting on the recent statement by the Russian side about the restrictions on the supply of cereals from the Russian Greek Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Bambiza said that "until recently, Belarus itself has imported about 20 million tons." Now, he said, it is not a question of large deliveries abroad. In this Bambiza said that while in Russia, in particular, in Tatarstan, shipped as many as 9 tons of buckwheat "

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