By Friday, the solar plasma ejection reaches Earth

In the coming days, and it is in this Friday, our planet offers strong magnetic storm — experts warn. The reason is that before the sun came two powerful X-ray flares, RIA Novosti reported. "KP" is connected with Victor Troshenkova, chairman of astronomy club "Orion," which predicted the most powerful storm over the polar regions during this period.

— The last two days we had cloudy weather, it was hard to watch. But an hour ago it was possible to see four groups of sunspots, — said Victor E.. — They are located near the central meridian. One group in a position that could easily cause severe solar wind, but I think that this is unlikely to happen. She was at the peak stage on September 4, then, by the way, it was possible to observe the aurora over Murmansk. Magnetic storm come to us a little later, around the 16th of September.

However, many northerners felt yesterday already with severe headaches. Make themselves felt solar flares. It should be noted that magnetic storms are dangerous especially for people suffering from hypertension and hypotension, heart disease. About 70 percent of heart attacks and strokes occurs during solar storms. The fact that the oscillations of the magnetic field slows capillary blood flow, tissue oxygen deprivation occurs. There is irritability, fatigue, decreased mental and physical activity.

By the way, in bad weather, which in the Murmansk region is not a surprise when the atmospheric pressure decreases, and decreases the level of oxygen in the air, the magnetic storm is less well tolerated than the sun.

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TVNZ — Murmansk

Two powerful X-ray flare that occurred on the eve of the sun, can cause magnetic storm on Earth, which is expected to start on Friday, September 9, according to RIA Novosti.

As director of the center said space weather forecasts of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation Sergey Gaidash, flares, depending on the power of X-ray radiation can be divided into five classes: A, B, C, M and X. Minimum class A0.0 corresponds to radiation on the Earth's orbit in 10 nanowatts per square meter. In the transition to the next letter power increases tenfold.

'' Yesterday was a flash of class M5.5, then on Wednesday night — X2.2. Both of these events occurred in the active region 1283, which is now almost in the center of the solar disk, which means they will affect the Earth "- said Gaidash. According to the scientist, yesterday was a growth of the proton flux from the Sun, although it has not yet reached to levels dangerous for space applications. growth will continue.

Earlier it was reported that on August 9, the most powerful Sun occurred since December 2006, the X-ray flash, but this event is not led to serious disturbances of the magnetic field on the Earth. Outbreak occurred in the western part of the solar disk, away from the direction of the Earth, the so-called geoeffective meridian, so the event does not lead to a major magnetic storm.

Earlier astrophysicists have created a way for one to two days to predict the appearance of sun spots — one of the main manifestations of solar activity, it will allow people in the world in time to prepare for the magnetic storms, dangerous to the electricity, electronics, and space vehicles.

Flashes on the Sun, called coronal mass ejections, occasionally lead to geomagnetic storms on Earth. In exceptional cases, the charges of plasma spewing star in a large scale, capable of paralyzing the electrical network. Magnetic storms are called perturbation of the magnetic field of the Earth, which is caused by the disturbances in the flow of the solar plasma. Magnetic storms can cause problems for power grids and damage satellites, a significant deterioration of radio and satellite navigation.


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