Camcopter S-100 has been tested on the Italian warship

Camcopter S-100 has been tested on the Italian warship

Austrian company Schiebel continues to show the ability of sea-based unmanned systems own helicopter type Camcopter S-100. During the tests carried out on board the Italian frigate Bersagliere, UAV successfully completed several training and reconnaissance missions and became the first in the history of UAV Italian Navy taking off from the deck of a warship.

The tests were conducted in the area of ​​the base of the Italian Navy «La Spezia» at sea to 3-4 points and wind strength of 25 knots. The composition of the payload S-100 camera came Wescam MX-10, broadcast in real-time images of high resolution in over 4.5 hours of flight.

Radius acts drone is 200 km and a payload 34 kg of S-100 is able to stay in the air up to 10 hours. Work ceiling is 5400 m S-100 may be applied and NIGHT MODE funny day, including adverse weather criteria. To start the UAV does not require special launch pad.

As you know, last year Camcopter successfully passed tests for Navy warships France, Germany and Pakistan. In total system Camcopter S-100 was tested on civilian and military courts are 14 different types of waters 3 oceans. UAV was able to confirm their operating capacity at wind speed of 40 knots. On this day, these drones are also available in Jordan and the UAE. In addition, in Russia established licensed establishment TANK «Horizon Air S-100.»

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