Can you trust the modern school textbook nation's history?


Can you trust the modern school textbook nation's history?

Let's try to answer the question together, and for this we take the hands of the textbook "History of Belarus. The end of the XVIII century. — 1999, "edited by Professor Evgeny Novikov. According to it, this year will be to learn our eleventh.

Expand the section of the revolutionary and national liberation movement in the 1st half of the XIX century. This is the time when the captured Russian Belarusian lands there are numerous secret societies. Telling of the most important of them, Philomath and Filaret, the authors of the textbook immediately decide not to name names. Apparently, that was not povadno.

The disciples did not recognize names She Chechot, Thomas Zahn, Domeyko, ideological mastermind of the Patriots Euphemia Lelewel… But the carefully listed the Decembrists, who served in Belarus. As the authors of the textbook silent on this point, we note that the fate of our nation Russian noble revolutionaries are either not interested or provoked their chauvinistic belch. Pavel Pestel, for example, believed that the Belarusians' must give up the right personality nationality. " The names of all the peoples of the empire, except the Russians, he even offered to just be abolished.

But Novick and companies such figures is obviously much more valuable than any homegrown Philomath.

Such relapses russkotsentristskim thinking textbook Novick stuffed like a goose with apples. Here only those apples cause, to say the stomach.

Exactly 25 lines otzhaleli authors liberation uprising of 1830 — 1831's, when the lands of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania took up arms in 30,000 of our ancestors. In three paragraphs scanty no mention of the Countess Emilia Plater, that contemporaries called Litvinsky of Joan of Arc. Or Michal Volovich, returned from exile in Paris and headed home a partisan division. Or about another insurgency — Henrik Dmahovskogo, who became famous in the world and the sculptor has created for the U.S. Congress busts of Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Thomas Jefferson.

Servantes once said that the false historians should be punished as falshyvamanetchykav.

Why modern Belarusian odinnadtsatiklassnik know such uninteresting facts? Why hammer his head with dubious names of the rebel leaders? Someone else — God forbid! — Pleases hang portraits of the fighters on their wall!

Novick and his assistants has its heroes, not some rebels and loyal people "sovereign and country." From the pages of "History of Belarus" for us in a fatherly strictly watch the royal ministers and governors-general Kiselev, Nazimov, Ants… Yes, yes, that Ant-hanger that drowned in the blood of rebellion Constantine Kalinowski. In the book, naturally, it is not no hangman, and "energetic statesman, with knowledge of the matter did something that was intended." As you know, muravevskaya energy manifested in the 128 were hanged and shot, 853 sentenced to prison, 12 thousand sent into exile and convict company. Do not rule out that some of them were ancestors of the Professor Novick and his co-authors.

Lives, lives case his lordship, who commanded the rebels to fill the graves of our ekskrementami and said that Belarus Russian people should feel better than at home.

Looking into the sections of the events 20-30-ies of the last century, inquisitive student to calm down a bit. With their characteristic light, almost graceful style Novik and the company wrote that turns out to be "a fantastic size figures of victims of political repression, which are contained in the publications of the past decades — is nothing but a myth, launched into the public consciousness in order to discredit the socialist system."

The path to independence of Belarus in the latest period of our history textbook devotes much as a full page. Professor Novick has taken care to students in grades 11, knew nothing about Kurapaty and "Martyrs of Belarus", nor of the Belarusian Popular Front, nor about its then leader Zenon Pozniak. Stanislav Shushkevich more fortunate. No, it is a portrait of a modest, in contrast to the Alexander II and Nicholas II, the certainly did not deserve. But now, hearing the name of the head of the sovereign Belarus, high school graduates will know that this terrible man and his allies Boris Yeltsin andLeonid Kravchuk "Coup d'etat" and "destroyed the great and mighty power."

Servantes once said that the false historians should be punished as falshyvamanetchykav. I certainly do not encourage the public to use methods vigorously hangs, I apologize, "figure", sweet soul of Professor Novick. But his son to learn the history of their home in such textbooks would never allow.

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