Cancellation of licenses: a step forward — two steps back

September 1, Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree "On licensing certain types of activities," which was canceled licenses in a number of areas of business. According to the official rationale, the decree seeks to liberalize the conditions for economic activity. IBOs and economists argue that the decree has zalagozhvannem businessmen on the eve of presidential elections .

In accordance with the decree, on January 1, license revoked for 16 activities. Additional points of one of the most important entrepreneurs called the cancellation of licenses for the retail trade. Representatives of small businesses expect this document a few years, says entrepreneur Alexander Makaev:

Alexander Makaev

"For a license to retail people were paying 90 euros. That's the sum entrepreneurs now save, save time, too. This benefit, which Lukashenko, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Taxes and Levies said that through it they will come in a number of countries, the best in aiding small businesses. We'll see. "

Cancel licensing in a number of activities and entrepreneurs called the expected positive step by the government. Which, however, are made out of time and did not give significant impetus for the development of entrepreneurship, says the head of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev:

Victor Gorbachev

"The main part, 85% of businesses that are involved in these areas, they have already purchased and paid for the licenses for the next five years. And now they have chosen 16 kinds of activities for which all paid for, and they boldly canceled. And the rest, other activities they left — and continue to pay. Again, this attempt to divide the business on any category. Therefore, it is a normal game before the election. zaigryvanne happens with the electorate, and now with the entrepreneurs. significant shift in business development that does not help. This is a step forward but in the words of Comrade Lenin and two steps back. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk

The view that the economic policies of the authorities in the first place have a political motivation, also of the well-known economist and politician, candidate for president Yaroslav Romanchuk. In particular, it is mandatory for the licensing of printing, publishing, education, advocacy, health improvement of children abroad.

Yaroslav Romanchuk"It is certainly part of the presidential campaign of Mr. Lukashenko. And the fact that under the license were such activities as printing activities, shows, that the authorities do not want to take control of the spread of information before the election. That the state — it's not only the economy, but also an ideology, propaganda, public information policy. Moreover, licenses exist between the various methods of control over the business, so it is, feel better, but we need to radically change the system. "


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