Catfish catches and eats pigeons. Online

Did you know that on many catfish are carnivorous, like sharks that can swim to the shore and catch birds? For me personally, it was a surprise. Incredible video of a catfish catch and eat pigeons!

If someone has little idea "who" a catfish — offer a fascinating video catching quite a large specimen on a small spinning.

Watch catching huge catfish on a small spinning

European catfish grows to 1.5 m in length. This third largest freshwater fish in the world. Most catfish feed on algae and other fish, fish eggs and crayfish and snails.

But in the french river Tern until 1983, these catfish were not found — the people here have decided to grow them artificially. Environmentalists believe that due to the fact that the number of catfish began to grow rapidly, and the amount of production, thus, is no longer enough, the big fish have started to adapt to hunt birds.

In order for this watch, the River Tern arrived scientists. They studied the behavior of a few months, catfish and recorded 54 cases of fish jumping out of the river, followed by catching birds.

Watch Catfish hunt doves



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