Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the National Park Call of the tiger will be held in Primorye

Celebration, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the creation of the national park in Primorye "Call of the Tiger", will be held on Friday in the village of Lazo, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the park's director, Yuri Bersenyev.

National Park "Call of the Tiger" was created in 2008 by the Government of Russia. Specially protected natural area is located at the junction of three districts — Olga, Chuguevsky and Lazo and occupies an area of over 80,000 hectares.

"The celebration will come from Vladivostok's Legislative Assembly of the Region, scientists, leaders of environmental groups and journalists. We sum up, we'll show you what we have done. Show techniques to help protect the park," — said Bersenyev.

According to him, the main objects of the park "The Call of the Tiger" are the species listed in the Red Book and the Red Book of Russia. It is home to over 100 species of nesting birds, and protected, rare fauna, as the Amur tiger, the Amur forest cat, black stork, honey buzzard, mandarin duck, iglonogaya owl, hairy nuthatch.

Throughout the reserve in different places set camera traps to help keep track of not only the animals that live there, but poachers.

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