Changhe Z-8 — Chinese multipurpose helicopter

Changhe Z-8 - Chinese multipurpose helicopter

Changhe Z-8 — a multi-purpose helicopter of the PRC, which is a licensed copy of the French helicopter Sud-Aviation SA.321 Super-Frelon (Super Frelon). In the current time is in the antisubmarine helicopter, transport and rescue options. Now Z-8 — is the heavy helicopter, designed and built in China, based on a French helicopter «Super Frelon» very splotchenno with the European company EUROCOPTER. Biggest helicopter takeoff weight is 13 tons, with all this helicopter can land and soar with aqua surface. Multipurpose helicopter Z-8 was awarded «National scientific and technological development.» Based on the Z-8 helicopter was created Army transport version of Z-8A, has made the first flight in 1995 and adopted the Army in 1998.

The unique Z-8 Chinese assembly did own the first flight in 1985. In August 1989, the car was put into service aviation Navy, put into service in December 1994. The helicopter has a particularly strong powerplant and decent performance and flight characteristics. Helicopter used quite extensively, not only in the military and in civilian purposes: to fight forest fires, assembly work, cable laying, sanitary works, patrolling, organizing parties and other geological targets. In the current time (in 2012) in service with the naval forces of the PRC is 26 Z-8 helicopters, 15 more helicopters Z-8 and Z-8KA 13 are in service with the ground forces of the PRC.

Helicopter made in subsequent versions:

 Changhe Z-8 - Chinese multipurpose helicopter

Z-8 — basic anti-submarine helicopter modification;
Z-8A — military transport helicopter modification; can carry up to 39 or 27 paratroopers fighter, also as required 15 the wounded on stretchers;
Z-8F — transport helicopter, different installation of 3 engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67B capacity of 1940 hp each, the first time Z-8F flew in August 2004;
Z-8K/KA — search and rescue version of the helicopter is also equipped with engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67B, was adopted in 2007;
Z-8JA/JH — naval version of multi-purpose helicopter.

Another first-1970s China acquired in France 13 helicopters SA.321Ja «Super Frelon.» This modification has become quite unusual hybrid that cooperated in itself «the land» (not amphibious) fuselage and «sea» anti-submarine equipment. With all this «Super Frelon» became the largest of the existing Chinese naval aviation helicopters. Initially, these machines were based only on the beach with the introduction of ground airfields, but January 3, 1980 some of them for the first time made a landing on the deck of a warship. It was the first helicopter landing deck in the history of the Chinese navy. In May 1980, four helicopters «Super Frelon», which were based on auxiliary ships of the Navy of China, took part in the campaign in the South Pacific. This detachment participated in providing Chinese ICBM test launch. After starting the helicopters «fished» the head of the drive test of a ballistic missile.

In 1976, management perceives China agreed to establish the country’s production of copies of the helicopter «Super Frelon.» Chinese version of the machine, it was decided to call Z-8. Work on the new helicopter assigned to the aviation industry group «Changho» (CAIG — Changhe Aircraft Industry Group). With all this work on the design of local analogue conducted with classical Chinese slowness. To test the first Chinese Z-8 only started December 11, 1985, in fact, 10 years after the start all programs from the localization of production. Chinese Navy helicopter deliveries began in 1989, and in 1994 the helicopter finally got a state certificate of airworthiness. Chinese version of the helicopter received as a propulsion system HPT WZ-6, which is a licensed version of the engine «Turma» IIIS3. Helicopters are in service fleet operated in the PRC 3 versions:

— troop-helicopter can carry up to 27 paratroopers or 15 the wounded placed on a stretcher;
— ASW helicopter, filled with search radar antenna located in the fairing right float (in the nose cone is weather radar antenna) and OGAS HS-12. Helicopters are armed with torpedoes Yu-7 is a Chinese «pirated» copy of the American torpedo Mk-46.
— helicopter minesweeper.

Z-8 — a helicopter, made by single-rotor, with ruelyvym screw, 3-CCD and tricycle landing gear. Semi-monocoque fuselage, metal, its lower part has a typical deadrise and cheekbones, made waterproof ability for landings on water. Cockpit double. Cargo cabin has dimensions 7×1, 83h1, 9 meters and is equipped with a rear loading ramp flap on hydraulically. In the front of the cargo compartment right sliding door available. In anti-submarine version of the helicopter tail support during parking can be folded. Stabilizer mounted on the right side of the tail boom. On the outside suspension Z-8 helicopter can carry up to 5 tons of cargo.

Chassis helicopter nonretractable, tricycle. All-wheel drive — and the main nasal made twin. Major support helicopter chassis have air-oil suspension. Main wheels equipped with disc brakes with hydraulic drive. In maritime variant main landing gear can be equipped with special floats. Helicopter rotor blades has a 6-mounting bracket. The blades have a rectangular shape, metal, folding in ASW variant. The blades have a special sensor system, which is designed to detect cracks. Chance of installing brake rotor.

Changhe Z-8 - Chinese multipurpose helicopter

Propulsion machinery consists of 3 engines, which are placed vertically above the fuselage, one engine mounted behind the main rotor gearbox and has a side air intake, and the other two in front of the main rotor gearbox, axial vozduhopoglotitelyami own. Helicopter fuel system contains 3 Myagenkaya fuel tanks with total capacity of 4000 liters., Fuel tanks located in the central part of the fuselage under the floor. The helicopter is an autonomous system provides power for each of the 3 backends interchangeability. Refilling Z-8 helicopter fuel occurs or pressurized by a pump or by gravity. In Ferry embodiment probable installation mounted fuel tanks of 500 liters. and additional fuel tanks in 2000 l ..

It should be noted that the release of Z-8 helicopters carried very low rates (going 2-3 helicopters per year). To the true time was issued to 60 helicopters of this type. It would seem that the more you can squeeze out of the helicopter, which was constructed over 40 years ago? But China does not enter the customs waiver of art, which could prove to be excellent because of its fairly decent age. An example may be a Chinese abundance of «derivatives» of the Russian MiG-21 and is far not the only evidence of Chinese military-technical policy.

Changhe Z-8 - Chinese multipurpose helicopter

While in France itself the «Super Frelon» goes, and career helicopter to roll to a close, the Chinese engineers from CAIG continue working on new variations of the rotorcraft. Namely, since the mid-1990s were creating troop-modification which would be used in the interests of the army aviation. This helicopter received index Z-8A. The prototype has successfully passed a series of tests in February 1999 cars received the Certificate of Airworthiness. In 2001, the army has received two pre-production helicopters for military trials, and in November 2002 she received the first production helicopter Z-8A. Although it should be noted that the military is not ecstatic about this machine. They noted lacking quality and insufficient capacity engines Chinese WZ-6A. Army issued an order for a very limited batch of these vehicles, deciding to issue an additional order for Russian helicopters Mi-17V5. Maybe the lack of capacity of Chinese WZ-6 engines is explained by the fact that a civilian version of the helicopter Z-8F were applied by Canadian theater RT6V-67A.

In 2009, it was reported that China is developing a helicopter-based AEW Z-8. The reason for such discussions become photo machine, where experts discussed the radar radome, which was placed in a helicopter ramp. According to analysts, this detector designed for the detection of early to middle and high altitude enemy ships and aircraft. Which Chinese have gained success in developing its own AWACS helicopter based on Z-8 hard to say. But most likely, not very prominent. An indirect proof of this is the fact that in 2011 Our motherland has fulfilled the contract to supply China 9 anti-submarine helicopters Ka-28 and 9 helicopters Ka-31 AEW.

The performance properties of Z-8 helicopter:

Dimensions: diameter of the screw head — 18.9 m, tail rotor diameter — 4.0 m length of -19.4 m, height — 6.76 m
Helicopter Weight: Normal take-off — 10 500 kg maximum take-off — 13 000 kg.
Type of power plant 3 GTE Changzhou (CLXMW) Wozhou-6, power 1156 kW each.
The highest speed — 250 km / h
Cruising speed — 230 km / h
Practical flight range — 700 km. 27 paratroopers or 500 km with 3 tons of cargo.
Service ceiling — 3100 m
Internal fuel — 4000 l.
The desired load — up to 27 paratroopers, 15 stretchers with the wounded, and 5,000 kg of cargo in the cab or on the outside of the suspension.
Combat load — up to 2000 kg., On 2 hardpoints.
Crew — 2-3.


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