Chaos in Turkey hurricane paralyzed life in the country

Because of the strong wind company Turkish Airlines canceled more than 40 flights, including in Russia. It is reported that now the wind speed in parts of Turkey, 120 km / h.

In the media today, it was reported that due to the bad weather delayed departures of aircraft from major airports in Turkey, located in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. As long as the wind storm blows over, will not be domestic flights and flights will be discontinued in the direction of Bologna, Moscow, Nice, Tel Aviv, Sana'a and Nicosia.

In one district of Istanbul winds ripped the scaffolding, leaving two people injured. The hurricane caused a fire on a pleasure craft, ten passengers and crew members who miraculously survived. In swimming does not come ferries route which passes through the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea. Also restricted the passage of ships through the strait.

On the hotline, utilities capital has received about 300 reports of failure of roofs off houses and damaged gas communications. Governor appealed to the people to remind them of the need to regularly check the area for gas leaks.

Because of the hurricane limited traffic on the bridge over the Bosphorus Bogazici. This is one of the two lines connecting the Asian and European side of Istanbul. Intermittently operate a cellular network.

Similar weather conditions are also noted in Ankara, Izmir and other parts of the country. Local media call the situation chaotic. The visibility in the city dropped to a few hundred meters. Wind caused the effect sandstorm.


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