China has found a two-headed gecko


In central China have found a two-headed gecko. Photo:

28.07.12.Gekkon can clear tail and flee, and a new tail can grow rapidly. However, recently discovered in Hubei headed gecko can lose its tail.

Recently, the county Syaochao Hubei tobacco factory worker during office cleaning found on the wall of the double-headed gecko gray-brown. The length of the anomalous gecko about 6 cm at a place where there should be a tail grew a second head with the eyes and mouth, which is a bit smaller than the first head. Gecko with two heads on the two ends of the trunk — an incredible phenomenon.

When you touch the two-headed gecko, two heads are rushing in different directions, it was like a tug of war. The expert said that the reason for this phenomenon — genetic mutation.

Lyudmila Demin

Source: The Epoch Times

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