China landslide demolished roads and homes with people

In China, the south-western Sichuan province torn by landslides. Destroyed part of the central element of the region's highways. From nearby villages were evacuated people.

As reported, eight people were missing after a mudslide covered one of there the dormitories. And in southern China has flooded several mines. Three miners were killed. Another two dozen miners were under the rubble. They are trying to save.

According to China's Xinhua News Agency, due to prolonged rains on many roads Wenchuan County Aba because of mudslides interrupted traffic. 7000 cars stuck on the roads.

July 2 in many areas of Sichuan were heavy rains in some places rainfall exceeded 100 mm. In a number of villages and towns Wenchuan went and sat down.

Aba county traffic police said that due to prolonged rains on many roads Wenchuan gone sat, formed failures occurred rock falls, the river changed course.

Local authorities abandoned all efforts to restore transport, but because of the ongoing rains traffic police can not resume motion.

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