Cleveland Volcano and a small explosion

Observatory, located in Alaska, reported that the volcano Cleveland that the Aleutian Islands, there was a small explosion. The result appeared in the sky a little cloud of ash.

Fully follow the cloud satellite failed due to heavy cloud cover.
The Observatory also reported that the explosion occurred at 1:12 am on Wednesday, and was very short-lived, such as those that occurred in December.

Each explosion at the volcano Cleveland accompanied by the release of the ash cloud, which immediately dissipated, and had no effect on the traffic of airplanes.

Cleveland Volcano height 1,702.5 meters, on an uninhabited island in 1504 km. southwest of Anchorage.

Scientists have discovered an explosion at a low frequency infrasound. Infrasound refers to those frequencies that the human ear can not hear.

According to seismologists, the explosion, which resulted in a cloud of ash rises to a height of over 6000 meters, the eruption detected seismic or infrasonic frequency.


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