Climate change and Asian agriculture

Dramatic climate change, causing severe floods and droughts, can be a real threat to the cultivation of the main power supply for the south and south-east Asia, where more than one third of the world population. If the conditions for the cultivation of rice disappear, and so for the poorer Asian countries, this would mean progression of hunger and poverty.

Since the latest agricultural technologies to the region are beyond the unknown, with catastrophic climate change rice yields could fall by almost 50% in the next decade. This situation will lead the local economy in a deep crisis, because they are based precisely on agriculture. On the farm except for "rice" of the problem, and so a lot of pressure, because they are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions (about a third of the world).

In this situation, only the terms of adaptation experts believe the transition of agriculture to a higher level of productivity, quality and sustainability of crops and the introduction of environmentally sound technologies. As for rice, the traditional creation of dams and supply them with plenty of water should belong to the past forever.

After the "Green Revolution" of the 1970's and 80's, most Asian countries have adopted the food self-sufficiency by growing new varieties of rice and other cereals, increased use of irrigation and improved selhoztehnology. At the moment the major Asian river deltas are that "rice bowl", which provides seed for the planet.

However, the current climate chaos is too high pressure on water sources used for irrigation of crops. Adds to the problems and growing global sea levels, which reduces the amount of fresh water in the Mekong River Delta and other major rivers. Rice cultivation is extremely sensitive to these circumstances. Indeed, despite all the efforts and the expansion of the area of irrigation channels, 75% of crops are still dependent on rainfall, and in India the life and health of 88% of the population in need to the Ganges and Indus were full-flowing. In drought conditions to talk about agriculture or normal life impossible.


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