Climate Change in the Sun threatens people

Scientists predict that in the next decade, the magnetic field of the sun will undergo a sea change that will affect the solar activity and the Earth and its inhabitants. According to Daily Mail, the people from these changes, do not expect anything good.

"Climate change in the magnetic" on the Sun will cause the Earth would be more vulnerable to space radiation than it has been until now. First, the negative impact of rays from space will be felt by astronauts in orbit and passengers planes.

In addition, the solar storms will become more violent, and the Earth will begin to bombard prominences predicts Luke Barnard of the University of Reading in the UK.

"Cosmic radiation is a serious threat for the people, and for complex electronic systems on which the livelihoods of society," — explains the researcher.

"Our study shows that this problem will only get worse over time, and the engineers have to figure out how to mitigate the negative impact of cosmic rays" — says L.Barnard.


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