Combat countersabotage machine «Typhoon-M»

Combat countersabotage machine
Over the coming months the park art of strategic rocket forces augmented purpose combat vehicles of the new type. Now do not get Rocketeers propelled launcher or a machine designed to provide alert and the new representative for our armed forces art class. Combat countersabotage machine (BPDM) «Typhoon-M» is designed to protect mobile missile systems and databases silos.

Project development of modern technology began in the late 90s, but before the deployment of mass production only after it has reached almost half a decade. During this time a couple of times changed the main features of the project. For example, the initial version of BPDM entitled «Typhoon», planned to be built on the chassis and body BTR-80. In the upcoming project development countersabotage machines led to the fact that car «Typhoon-M» was chosen as a base newcomer BTR-82. But where huge changes in the process of developing and updating undergone complex avionics.

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, now most of the disk imaging project «Typhoon-M» is closed. Yet, sharing already got some information, allowing to create a rough picture, with sufficient accuracy describes the design, equipment and ability latest BPDM.

Project latest combat countersabotage machine «Typhoon-M» was developed by the Tula scientific production association «Strela» since 2007. According to some sources, the design of the project ended in 2011. Soon began the construction of the first prototype BPDM promising. Around 2012 the first instance of «Typhoon-M» entered the tests.

Machine «Typhoon-M» has some noticeable differences from the basic BTR-82. In 1-x, instead of a unique tower armored car mounted on anti-sabotage comparable small remotely operated turret with PKT machine gun, and in-2, a significant portion of the roof is occupied by auxiliary equipment located in several railway units box and complex polyhedral shape.

In mounted on the roof of armored units is part of surveillance and communications equipment. Radio-and opto-electronic complex provides confident watching surrounding place regardless of weather and time of day criteria. It includes monitoring system with optical and thermal imaging channels, also supposedly radar. Part surveillance systems located on the lifting mast. According to available data, BPDM «Typhoon-M» is able to find vehicles at a distance of 6 km, the man at least twice the range. In addition, as reported in the media disk imaging, machine carries countersabotage system to counteract radio-controlled explosive devices. The equipment clear and certain of its model is not yet known.

Based on the available photos and videos, you can make some conclusions about the internal volumes of the housing assembly BPDM «Typhoon-M.» Former armored troop compartment under the given jobs crew and avionics. The crew allegedly consists of three people: the commander, the driver and operator of detection systems. Operator Station and commander Resettled monitoring and control systems electronics. The signal from the opto-electronic station is displayed on the LCD screens. The operator or commander as have the opportunity to watch their surroundings and storm detected targets using existing gun. From the comparative helplessness such weapons can be made accordingly conclusion: perhaps as required crew BPDM should seek assistance from the.

The supervisory equipment machine «Typhoon-M» except systems, specifically placed on it also comes with additional equipment essentially a huge radius of action. To monitor remote areas crew BPDM «Typhoon-M» may use a light drone. Small-sized UAV resettled surveillance and allows you to watch outside the larger area and more distant from the war machine in comparison with the integrated hardware.

As is clear from the name of a new class of vehicles, vehicle anti-sabotage «Typhoon-M» must find and destroy the saboteurs trying to storm the war machines of mobile missile complexes. With all this emphasis is made on the observation of the surrounding space and the search for potentially unsafe cars or people. Because of this, there is an obvious bias in favor of equipping BPDM huge amount of different equipment with installation only 1st rifle-caliber machine gun.

At the end of August 2013 there were the first reports of the training of crews to work on the «Typhoon-M» after their transfer to the troops. Courses for officers missile forces conducted at the Serpukhov branch of Academy of Strategic Missile Forces. Peter stateliness. According to reports, training for mechanics, drivers, commanders and operators used the only existing copy now countersabotage fighting machine.

Also in late August, the Ministry of Defence revealed its plans for the machine «Typhoon-M.» Until the end of this year to build and send combat units first serial BPDM. They will be sent to serve in units Tejkovsky missile division. In the upcoming anti-sabotage cars entered service other departments Strategic Missile Forces mission. In the midst of other units «Typhoons-M» will serve in those parts that operate mobile missile system. It is understood that BPDM will accompany other machines complexes on the march and during start-ups. In addition, it is intended to use the anti-subversive techniques to protect missile bases with silo launchers.

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